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Your Ad Ignored Here: Cartoons from 15 Years of Marketing, Business, and Doodling in Meetings Tom Is The David Ogilvy Of Cartooning Seth Godin, Author Of Purple CowFrom The Birth Of Social Media To Digital Advertising To Personal Branding, Marketing Has Transformed In The Past Years Capturing These Quintessential Moments In Marketing Is Marketoonist, A Popular Cartoon Series From Veteran Marketer Tom Fishburne Your Ad Ignored Here Collects Nearly Of These Hilarious And Apt Depictions Of Modern Marketing Life On The Th Anniversary Of The SeriesFishburne Began To Doodle His Observations In When Working In The Trenches Of Marketing Initially Intended For Co Workers, They Are Now Read By Hundreds Of Thousands Of Marketers Every Week The Cartoons Popularity Stem Not Only From Their Deft Reflections On Latest Trends, But Their Witty Summary Of The Shared Experiences Of Marketing Handling A PR Crisis, Giving Creative Feedback To An Agency, Or Avoiding Idea Killers In InnovationYour Ad Ignored Here Gives Voice To The Challenges And Opportunities Faced By People Working In Business Everywhere Readers Regularly Inquire If Fishburne Is Spying On Them At Work Whether Or Not You Work In Marketing, These Cartoons Will Make You Laugh And Think About Our Rapidly Evolving World Of Work Tom Fishburne Started Drawing Cartoons On The Backs Of Business Cases As A Student At Harvard Business School Fishburnes Cartoons Have Grown By Word Of Mouth To Reach Hundreds Of Thousands Of Marketers Every Week And Have Been Featured By The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, And The New York Times His Cartoons Have Appeared On A Billboard Ad In Times Square, Helped Win A Guinness World Record, And Turned Up In A Top Secret NSA Presentation Released By Edward SnowdenFishburne Draws Literally And Figuratively From Years In The Marketing Trenches In The US And Europe He Was Marketing VP At Method Products, Interim CMO At HotelTonight, And Worked In Brand Management For Nestl And General Mills Fishburne Developed Web Sites And Digital Campaigns For Interactive Agency IXL In The Late S And Started His Marketing Career Selling Advertising Space For The First English Language Magazine In PragueIn , Fishburne Expanded Marketoonist Into A Marketing Agency Focused On The Unique Medium Of Cartoons Since , Marketoonist Has Developed Visual Content Marketing Campaigns For Businesses Such As Google, IBM, Kronos, And LinkedInFishburne Is A Frequent Keynote Speaker On Marketing, Innovation, And Creativity, Using Cartoons, Case Studies, And His Marketing Career To Tell The Story VisuallyFishburne Lives And Draws Near San Francisco With His Wife And Two DaughtersAll Of His Cartoons And Observations Are Posted At MarketoonistAdvance Praise For Your Ad Ignored Here If Marketing Kept A Diary, This Would Be It Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer Of MarketingProfsLaugh And Learn At The Same Time BTW, If You Dont Laugh, Youre Clueless, And The Cartoon Is About You Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist Of Canva, Mercedes Benz Brand AmbassadorTom Fishburne Has A Knack For Marketing Humor And Truth Like No Other Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank MarketingAny Great Piece Of Comedy Is Funny Because Its True Well, No One Has Gathered Marketing Truths Through Painfully Awkward Insights And Hilarious Delivery The Way Tom Has Ron Tite, Author, Everyones An Artist Or At Least They Should Be

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    I bought many copies to send to my clients as new years gift This is absolutely hilarious and always with a message that those in marketing will truly appreciate It is as much for amusement as well as inspiration and warning not to fall for the hubris of marketing nor the disconnectedness from the customer reality This is a must read for anybody res

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    As someone who has worked in marketing for 20yrs, I found this book hilarious Every cartoon resonates, several actually depict meetings or campaigns that I ve been unfortunate enough to work on If you have had a similar background, or someone in your life works in digital or traditional marketing you they will love this as a present.

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    After many years in marketing I can relate to almost every cartoon in this book A good gift idea for somebody who works in marketing.

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    Very funny read for a marketer

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    Laughed out loud man times while reading this book Very funny.

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    Love the cartoons and Tom is a legend but doesn t work so well in 1 book.It is good but once you ve flicked through it you ll maybe never look at it again I gave mine away after a day.

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    I have been following Tom s cartoon for many years now and love each of them It is a spot on take on the latest in the world of marketing leaving you laughing, sharing, questioning and agreeing love this compilation and it shows also how things have moved over the many years yet remain so much the same Amazing in every sense Make sure you get a copy.

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