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Proofs and Refutations: The Logic of Mathematical Discovery (Cambridge Philosophy Classics) Imre Lakatos S Proofs And Refutations Is An Enduring Classic, Which Has Never Lost Its Relevance Taking The Form Of A Dialogue Between A Teacher And Some Students, The Book Considers Various Solutions To Mathematical Problems And, In The Process, Raises Important Questions About The Nature Of Mathematical Discovery And Methodology Lakatos Shows That Mathematics Grows Through A Process Of Improvement By Attempts At Proofs And Critiques Of These Attempts, And His Work Continues To Inspire Mathematicians And Philosophers Aspiring To Develop A Philosophy Of Mathematics That Accounts For Both The Static And The Dynamic Complexity Of Mathematical Practice With A Specially Commissioned Preface Written By Paolo Mancosu, This Book Has Been Revived For A New Generation Of Readers

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    This is a story book It chronicles a series of high school lessons about crystal shapes called polyhedra The class spend the whole book in a lively, wryly humorous and immensely readable dialogue with their teacher, trying to find a mathematical definition that makes sense The

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    Great book, great seller Found this very interesting to read as a History and Philosophy of Science student.

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    If you are interested in how mathematical research is done then I highly recommend this book.If you are a mathematician, then I highly recommend this book.If you have a keen interest in mathematics, then I highly recommend this book.It is written in a very comprehensible way and the Socratic

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    I have never written a review for a book on before this point, but I felt this book really deserves 5 stars, and I wanted to address the criticisms of the book directly I believe many of the criticisms are a result of a misunderstanding of this book s goals Specifically, the comparison to Polya

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    I was hoping to read something about the general logic of mathematical discovery, as promised in the subtitle.Instead it talked entirely about ONE proof, in an unhelpful dialogue format which only obscured the underlying points.Perhaps if I were clever I could have generated a general logic from that

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    Excellent book showing that doing mathematics is a complicated process they goes far beyond just discovering results of some realm.

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    In a footnote to chapter 2 much of the content of Proofs and Refutations is in the footnotes Lakatos writes Until the seventeenth century, Euclidians approved the Platonic method of analysis as the method of heuristic later they replaced it by the stroke of luck and or genius That stroke of luck and or genius i

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    This book is a classic, and I am so happy to finally have my own copy Lakatos was one of those rare minds in philosophy who influenced generations of people in multiple disciplines.

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