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Bayesian Cognitive Modeling: A Practical Course Bayesian Inference Has Become A Standard Method Of Analysis In Many Fields Of Science Students And Researchers In Experimental Psychology And Cognitive Science, However, Have Failed To Take Full Advantage Of The New And Exciting Possibilities That The Bayesian Approach Affords Ideal For Teaching And Self Study, This Book Demonstrates How To Do Bayesian Modeling Short, To The Point Chapters Offer Examples, Exercises, And Computer Code Using WinBUGS Or JAGS, And Supported By Matlab And R , With Additional Support Available Online No Advance Knowledge Of Statistics Is Required And, From The Very Start, Readers Are Encouraged To Apply And Adjust Bayesian Analyses By Themselves The Book Contains A Series Of Chapters On Parameter Estimation And Model Selection, Followed By Detailed Case Studies From Cognitive Science After Working Through This Book, Readers Should Be Able To Build Their Own Bayesian Models, Apply The Models To Their Own Data, And Draw Their Own Conclusions This is a great book for anyone looking for detailed examples of bayesian methods applied to challenging and complex experimental settings Specifically it takes psychological experimental designs and applies bayesian methods to derive insight Code is supplied in both R and matlab, and there are python pymc3 ports also available on github.The examples given are concise, designed for practitioners to understand i.e not overwhelmed by mathematical notation , and peppered with interesting facts and points which make reading both entertaining and informative for example, I did not know that Alan Turing was interested and by implication a believer in Telepathy.Along with Kruschkes book which should be your first port of call , this is an excellent additional text for expanding ones understanding of this fascinating method.My only criticisms are that one or two concepts are introduced without particularly clear explanations for example extraversion in 13.3 and the index is weak But these are really only minor quibbles within a text that represents a tremendous achievement Thanks go to the authors. This book ought to be excellent The text is mostly very clear, though it would arguably benefit from some background information on graphical models, which play an major role in the exposition Unfortunately, the accompanying programs are problematic on my Mac there seem to be various errors in the JAGS models, so that by half way through the book, four or five models have not worked already This is a great shame Quite probably, someone with better skills with R and JAGS would be be able to fix the models quite straightforwardly But for those like me with rudimentary skills, these program problems severely limit the book s use for self study Hopefully, future editions will remedy these problems Given the usefulness of the tools and the limited number of university courses available to teach them, a properly comprehensive book with programs that work smoothly for R and JAGS novices would be most welcome. Item as described and relatively fast delivery.

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