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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks (Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks) Photoshop is a huge and complex program and there are many books written on its use.This is a nice simple introduction to some of the techniques involved and as a new Photoshop user it suits me well as a guide to some of the basics Once I ve mastered the basic features I anticipate moving on to something advanced, but as a beginner this gives me a good grounding in the basic uses of Photoshop. I have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and thought this book would help me advance It has clear concise information supported by excellent screen shots and a rated guide to the expertise needed for each task It arrived well within the estimated delivery date and is excellent value for money A must for anyone who is a fan of photoshop. I am a member of a camera club and have been giving advice to other members on the use of both Elements and Adobe Photoshop 4, 5 and 6 In order to help me further and introduce new ideas, I chose this book and have not been disappointed It has taught me a great deal than I already knew and has become a valuable training and learning aid As a result, several members of the club have since bought their own copies of this book. I,ve worked with Photoshop CS5 for a couple of years, it was no surprise when I upgraded to CS6 Having watched numerous Tutorials I decided to buy Top 100 Tips and Tricks I have not been disappointed This book is superbly well written, clear and concise and straight to the point, but without all the usual Jargon that simply leaves evan confusion This book is ideal if you need a foundation to Photoshop CS6, fankly, I would,nt be without it Probably the best book I,ve reviewed A pleasure to delve into Buy it. Really good Very clear and builds confidence quickly. Lynette Kent started me off on CS5 some years ago, it was then easy to understand, and this book is up to the same high standard with interesting art work and useful exercises with helpful sub notes enabling me to get into the subject quickly. Excellent Limited amounts of reading with plenty of visuals makes this an easy and useful manual for the beginner and intermediate user. Take Your Photoshop Skills To The Next Level Users Who Already Know Photoshop Basics Will Love This Colorful, Step By Step Guide To New Tricks And Techniques Filled With Beyond The Essentials Techniques That Show How To Take Your Photoshop Skills To The Next Level, It Is Lavishly Illustrated With Beautiful Photos That Inspire You To Experiment Numbered, Step By Step Instructions Make The Techniques Easy To Learn, And This Edition Delves Into All The Capabilities Of Photoshop CS Learn To Get Your Images Noticed Users Who Are Already Familiar With Photoshop Basics Can Expand Their Skills With These Creative, Original Techniques Features Numbered, Step By Step Instructions Illustrated With Full Color Screen Shots And Beautiful Photos Helps You Take Your Skills To The Next Level And Add Wow To Your Images Veteran Author Is A Well Traveled Photographer And Skilled Photoshop Technician Who Has Served As A Demo Artist For Computer Graphics Software Photoshop CS Top Simplified Tips Tricks Helps You Expand Your Skills And Enhance Your Photos Adobe Photoshop CS6 Top 00 Simplified Tipos and Trikshttp www..ca gp product 1118204980 ref cmcrrypprdttlsol1Class presentation, over all quality, Clear explanations, pertinent exercises.Fully satisfied.YA A big help Easy to read and use.

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