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Model Building in Mathematical Programming 5e The Th Edition Of Model Building In Mathematical Programming Discusses The General Principles Of Model Building In Mathematical Programming And Demonstrates How They Can Be Applied By Using Several Simplified But Practical Problems From Widely Different Contexts Suggested Formulations And Solutions Are Given Together With Some Computational Experience To Give The Reader A Feel For The Computational Difficulty Of Solving That Particular Type Of Model Further, This Book Illustrates The Scope And Limitations Of Mathematical Programming, And Shows How It Can Be Applied To Real Situations By Emphasizing The Importance Of The Building And Interpreting Of Models Rather Than The Solution Process, The Author Attempts To Fill A Gap Left By The Many Works Which Concentrate On The Algorithmic Side Of The Subject In This Article, HP Williams Explains His Original Motivation And Objectives In Writing The Book, How It Has Been Modified And Updated Over The Years, What Is New In This Edition And Why It Has Maintained Its Relevance And Popularity Over The Years

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    The fifth edition came out in 2013 and it s exactly what I was looking for It s current and it feels current It s well written and organized, with many worked examples, including 29 problems

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    This book has no code It isn t written for any particular solver It simply and critically importantly helps you think about a very broad range of problems and then do the math formulation for the

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    Very useful book for modeling, especially the chapters with 30 examples

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    It is a perfect book for who want to learn Mathematical Modeling and Mathematical Programming for linear and non linear optimization and multigoal programming

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    The first edition was excellent and Paul Williams has added scope and examples to each new edition An essential companion for all Operations Research students and for experienced professionals.

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