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How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business Now Updated With New Measurement Methods And New Examples, How To Measure Anything Shows Managers How To Inform Themselves In Order To Make Less Risky, Profitable Business Decisions This Insightful And Eloquent Book Will Show You How To Measure Those Things In Your Own Business, Government Agency Or Other Organization That, Until Now, You May Have Considered Immeasurable, Including Customer Satisfaction, Organizational Flexibility, Technology Risk, And Technology ROI Adds New Measurement Methods, Showing How They Can Be Applied To A Variety Of Areas Such As Risk Management And Customer Satisfaction Simplifies Overall Content While Still Making The Technical Applications Available To Those Readers Who Want To Dig Deeper Continues To Boldly Assert That Any Perception Of Immeasurability Is Based On Certain Popular Misconceptions About Measurement And Measurement Methods Shows The Common Reasoning For Calling Something Immeasurable, And Sets Out To Correct Those Ideas Offers Practical Methods For Measuring A Variety Of Intangibles Provides An Online Database Howtomeasureanything Of Downloadable, Practical Examples Worked Out In Detailed Spreadsheets Written By Recognized Expert Douglas Hubbard Creator Of Applied Information Economics How To Measure Anything, Third Edition Illustrates How The Author Has Used His Approach Across Various Industries And How Any Problem, No Matter How Difficult, Ill Defined, Or Uncertain Can Lend Itself To Measurement Using Proven Methods

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    As a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, I thought I would find this book interesting and I wasn t wrong.The book explains the purpose of measuring things, which is not to know their value as exactly as possible, but to know their value enough to make an informed decision It explains how to approach the measurement of w

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    The main point empahsised throughout the book is only measure it if you will do something useful with the data What decision will the data reduce the risk in making If you can remember this and you have a good insight into the problem, you are than half way there.

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    Teaches a different way of thinking about any business problem Highly recommended

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    This is an easy to read book which makes you review basic conceptions on measuring and value, as well as some interesting facts Useful for considering benefits from projects of any sort Can be a bit repetitive but no complex maths so far over half way and still keen to complete the book which is not always the case.

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    I work in this field and found the ideas and methods in this book very interesting.

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    Good points 1 Sort of unique book and a very interesting subject Usually the quantitative risk theme refers to finance derivatives, but this one is broader and business oriented.2 Gives you perspective I certainly know things after reading it.Weaknesses 1 Very wordy, tends to be almost philosophical occasionally.2 Trying to be intuitive, it leaves out maths but

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    As described and arrived quickly

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    Very fast I m impressed.

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