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Financial Accounting For Dummies (UK Edition) Little old now but principles of accounting are still the same. Your Plain English Guide To Financial Accounting For Students And Trainees Financial Accounting For Dummies Provides Students Who Are Studying Finance, Accounting And Business With The Basic Concepts, Terminology, And Methods To Interpret, Analyse, Prepare And Evaluate Financial Statements Covers Concepts Accountants And Other Business Professionals Use To Prepare Reports Mergers And Acquisitions Purchase And Pooling Free Cash Flow And Financial Statement Analysis Whether You Re A Student On Your Way To Earning A Degree, Working Towards Your ACCA Qualification, Or A Trainee Just Starting Out In Your Accounts Career, Financial Accounting For Dummies Gives You A Wealth Of Information To Grasp The Subject This UK Version Is Adapted To Take In UK Accounting Practice And International Reporting Standards Provides A Firm Grounding In Interpreting, Analysing, Preparing And Evaluating Corporate Financial Statements Includes Easy To Understand Explanations And Real Life Examples To Consolidate Learning Very easy to read Used it alongside my course books for a uni module and it helped a lot I d recommend it to anyone studying the subject this is a great bok with lots of helpful reminders and tips in.Easily understandable narrative, but what else would we expect from the writers of the Dummies series well done again, guys. Very helpful with the terminology than anything. Easy to understand simple to read The book has helped me to gain a head start in my accounting and finance degree It is a great and simple text book to go with the course however as noted in the book all of the accounting rules have changed recently 2015 so some of the terminology is a little outdated Despite this it is brilliant as a springboard for anyone wishing to do a little extra studying alongside the set text books as this really takes accounting and finance to the core. Really easy to read and thankfully distinguishes the bulk of the text from the most helpful parts I found this just as helpful as my official course books for AAT and will continue to use this alongside my study material.

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