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Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications The Seminal Text On Fractal Geometry For Students And Researchers Extensively Revised And Updated With New Material, Notes And References That Reflect Recent Directions Interest In Fractal Geometry Continues To Grow Rapidly, Both As A Subject That Is Fascinating In Its Own Right And As A Concept That Is Central To Many Areas Of Mathematics, Science And Scientific Research Since Its Initial Publication In Fractal Geometry Mathematical Foundations And Applications Has Become A Seminal Text On The Mathematics Of Fractals The Book Introduces And Develops The General Theory And Applications Of Fractals In A Way That Is Accessible To Students And Researchers From A Wide Range Of Disciplines Fractal Geometry Mathematical Foundations And Applications Is An Excellent Course Book For Undergraduate And Graduate Students Studying Fractal Geometry, With Suggestions For Material Appropriate For A First Course Indicated The Book Also Provides An Invaluable Foundation And Reference For Researchers Who Encounter Fractals Not Only In Mathematics But Also In Other Areas Across Physics, Engineering And The Applied Sciences Provides A Comprehensive And Accessible Introduction To The Mathematical Theory And Applications Of Fractals Carefully Explains Each Topic Using Illustrative Examples And Diagrams Includes The Necessary Mathematical Background Material, Along With Notes And References To Enable The Reader To Pursue Individual Topics Features A Wide Range Of Exercises, Enabling Readers To Consolidate Their Understanding Supported By A Website With Solutions To Exercises And Additional Material Leads Onto The Advanced Sequel Techniques In Fractal Geometry Also By Kenneth Falconer And Available From Wiley

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    This book is an excellent read The text initially covers all the the need to do stuff required analysis and pure maths stuff such as measure theory and it does it superbly It introduces each part of the topic very accurately and at the right time which makes the

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    Well written Great book for those interested in the topic

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    A good book, well structured I used this for a course and had no problems following the ideas and relating to the concepts I m not completely sure what the knowledge is now useful for, that might be a criticism of the book, but overall very pleased The associated short is also nice

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