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Secrecy World Now A Major Motion Picture The Laundromat From Director Steven Soderbergh, Starring Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, And Antonio BanderasTwo Time Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Reporter Jake Bernstein Takes Us Inside The World Revealed By The Panama Papers, A Landscape Of Illicit Money, Political Corruption, And Fraud On A Global ScaleA Hidden Circulatory System Flows Beneath The Surface Of Global Finance, Carrying Trillions Of Dollars From Drug Trafficking, Tax Evasion, Bribery, And Other Illegal Enterprises This Network Masks The Identities Of The Individuals Who Benefit From These Activities, Aided By Bankers, Lawyers, And Auditors Who Get Paid To Look The Other Way In Secrecy World, Two Time Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Reporter Jake Bernstein Explores This Shadow Economy And How It Evolved, Drawing On Millions Of Leaked Documents From The Files Of The Panamanian Law Firm Mossack Fonseca A Trove Now Known As The Panama Papers As Well As Other Journalistic And Government Investigations Bernstein Shows How Shell Companies Operate, How They Allow The Superwealthy And Celebrities To Escape Taxes, And How They Provide Cover For Illicit Activities On A Massive Scale By Crime Bosses And Corrupt Politicians Across The GlobeBernstein Traveled To The Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, And Within The United States To Uncover How These Strands Fit Together Who Is Involved, How They Operate, And The Real World Impact He Recounts How Mossack Fonseca Was Exposed And What Lies Ahead For The Corporations, Banks, Law Firms, Individuals, And Governments That Are Implicated Secrecy World Offers A Disturbing And Sobering View Of How The World Really Works And Raises Critical Questions About Financial And Legal Institutions We May Once Have Trusted

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    Secrecy World is a book based on the revelations of The Panama Papers It was only reasonable to expect someone to write a book that collated many of the stories that were featured in the newspapers at the time What you might think you d get in this book is a cohesive picture of what the Pa

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    I have been slogging through this book for months wondering if the day will ever come that I read the final chapter Like other reviewers have stated this is a fascinating subject and much overdue for exposure Unfortunately Bernstein s writing is so stilted and choppy the book is practically

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    Secrecy World pulls back the curtain on international criminal or what should be criminal tax evasion oh, sorry, I mean tax avoidance and the corrupt industries that make it possible The book is focused through the lens of the blockbuster reporting of the Panama Papers, the enormous leak of

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    I work in finance and thought this would be an interesting read Unfortunately, I found it rather boring and anti climatic Informative and eye opening if you have no idea this kind of tax evasion and money laundering exists But I struggled to stay interested.

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    The author, Jake Bernstein, was one of the reporters who actually worked on the Panama Papers His book centers around the leak of those documents, the efforts of many reporters around the world to analyse and publish them with coherence and meaning, and how the whole off shore world of shady f

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    The Secrecy World reads like a fast paced thriller with a deeply reported and intricately woven narrative For anyone curious about this global gilded age we ve arrived in and how we got here, the Secrecy World is your road map and Bernstein lays it all out From the board rooms of Panama to the

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