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AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order I have spent a lot of time in China until end of 2010 but have got a bit out of touch recently and hae little clue about AI As a novice on AI, I wanted to get up to speed on the basics of it and what we need to be thinking about over the next few years Kai fu Lee, with his unique perspectives on AI given his academic background and professional experience in the US and China, has written a most informative and engaging book that has enlightened me on the history of AI, the key players today and their key drivers as well as his own very personal thoughts and recommendations for the future so that we get humans doing what humans do best and machines doing what machines do best A must read. That headline sounds a bit harsh, and I don t want to be harsh about a valuable book In terms of global significance, its topic ranks behind climate change but pretty much ahead of anything else well, provided that nations don t start firing missiles at each other And the author is superbly qualified to tell us what s happening and what might happen Not only in his intellect, his expertise and deeply informed insights but most of all his ability to cross cultures But then this supersonic airliner of a book I was loving the ride turns into a cranky old diesel bus This criticism of where he goes in no way diminishes or denigrates the importance, to him, of his emotional challenges But, and I am critiquing the book not the author as a person, countless millions have had the same, and countless thousands have understood and written about them better than he That s all forgivable but he then tries to paint his personal journey onto a global political canvas It takes the concept of extrapolation way beyond anything that s conceivably valid and, I m sad to say, reeks a little of arrogance So I would say, read it for the facts, the analysis and the objective setting out of likely alternative futures, on which he is brilliant, but when it comes to the realms of human behaviour, emotions and politics there are many better qualified. Great book It covers things about China that you would never have known before What is inspiring is the western controls about privacy and they way in which it hampers progress, especially in the different stages of AI adoption If we as in the western world were to adapt the some of the basic principles as China and their communistic approach to privacy , western world would be much further along in the adoption of AI.. Maybe because the author has his investment in China, or might be he indeed know than most of us He is so optimistic about AI in China ,which I don t really agree I really love the chapter when he reviewed his illness I believe this is the most valuable piece for me An new point telling me how should I understand as human and as AI. It is somewhat frightening to follow the narrative in this book Between the lines I think I can see the difference between a democracy and a one party country that has established a strategy for 2025 that remind me of a well known book written many years ago Further if this is a picture of our future I am scared Reading this book it will be important to be able to control the development of digitalisation and deep learning Well written by the author and thoughtful for the coming generations. Amazing insight into AI and how it will change the world Great summary of what s happening in the field in China and how the Chinese way is different to the American way In the end a thought provoking hypothesis to solve the cost that humanity will pay for AI, through the lens of the authors own experience. Fascinating book by the only man with the appropriate experience, of Silicon Valley, of Chinese hi tech companies, and of life, to be able to write it Couldn t have been written 3 or 4 years ago, it s so up to date Bit frightening about the extent to which modern tech, and user friendly apps, enable a regime like China s to create the ultimate surveillance state as they are of course less accountable than a democracy would be about the interlinked systems being set up not that we should feel complacent in Western Europe or the USA about the potential for not just removing privacy of any information about our lives, but for crushing dissent in future as well Does put AI in its place a bit, rather than going along with some of the Terminator type fears being spread about AI currently Do you REALLY think that AI will ever be anything other than focussed on things which can make money for the venture capitalists who pay for it to be developed They re not in the business of letting loose independently minded robots which will possibly disagree with them or their values, so I suspect AI will stay under economic and political control rather than ever being general enough to be unleashed I realise that s a big subject And that brilliant young coders won t spend their existences kowtowing to capitalist establishments rather than exploring possibilities Dr Kai Fu Lee One Of The World S Most Respected Experts On AI And China Reveals That China Has Suddenly Caught Up To The US At An Astonishingly Rapid And Unexpected Pace In AI SUPERPOWERS, Kai Fu Lee Argues Powerfully That Because Of These Unprecedented Developments In AI, Dramatic Changes Will Be Happening Much Sooner Than Many Of Us Expected Indeed, As The US Sino AI Competition Begins To Heat Up, Lee Urges The US And China To Both Accept And To Embrace The Great Responsibilities That Come With Significant Technological Power Most Experts Already Say That AI Will Have A Devastating Impact On Blue Collar Jobs But Lee Predicts That Chinese And American AI Will Have A Strong Impact On White Collar Jobs As Well Is Universal Basic Income The Solution In Lee S Opinion, Probably Not But He Provides A Clear Description Of Which Jobs Will Be Affected And How Soon, Which Jobs Can Be Enhanced With AI, And Most Importantly, How We Can Provide Solutions To Some Of The Most Profound Changes In Human History That Are Coming Soon AUTHOR Dr Kai Fu Lee Is The Chairman And CEO Of Sinovation Ventures, Which Is A Leading Technology Savvy Investment Firm Focusing On Developing The Next Generation Of Chinese High Tech Companies Prior To Founding Sinovation In , Dr Lee Was The President Of Google China Previously, He Held Executive Positions At Microsoft, SGI, And Apple

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order book, this is one of the most wanted Kai-Fu Lee author readers around the world.

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