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Professional Idiot: A Memoir Stephen Steve O Glover was so desperate to become famous, he was prepared to die trying From his early days videotaping crazy skateboard stunts to starring in the blockbuster Jackass franchise, there is little Steve O would not do to get attention Professional Idiot recounts Stephen Steve O Glover s glory days, drug addiction and his path of recovery and redemption all the while maintaining the bravado and humour for which he is famous Hilarious, harrowing and inspiring all at once, Professional Idiot is sure to entertain all Jackass fans

6 thoughts on “Professional Idiot: A Memoir

  1. Joe Kidd Joe Kidd says:

    This book is great If your a steve o fan you will 100% like this book, and if you never really read, it is easy to pick up and keep going After reading it and become obsessed all things steve o i found out that you could get a signed copy from and its not that much expenseive, so for true fans go there Steve O is totally rad.

  2. Mrs. M. L. Scurfield Mrs. M. L. Scurfield says:

    I bought this last year , as a Christmas present for my brother, from Steve O s website, autographed And it looked SO good ,that I had to purchase another one for me to read It is such a gripping, honest, account of his up s and down s, and the way it has been written, you can ,in a way, hear Steve o, telling his life story It is a fun, fascinating memoir, and you can really feel his enthusiasm via his words But equally, his low points , hit hard, and make you realise that fame isn t everything, as there are so many pitfalls, including drugs and addictions I admire him even , because of what he has been through, and keeping sober Steve o, will always be an Awesome celebrity, putting smiles on our faces, and keeping us entertained

  3. DatBeaver DatBeaver says:

    Makes for depressing reading most of the time imo Enjoyed the first half the most which is about his childhood up until his TV breakthrough with jackass as its filled with interesting stories much less s about him being constantly strung out on drugs booze which landed him in a lot of messed up situations where you feel both embarrassed sorry for to some degree Its great that he s turned his life around now.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Brilliant A brutally honest funny and sad biography which makes for good read.Full of funny and shocking stories over the years The book does seem to pick up pace after 2009 I was surprised to not hear a mention about the death of Ryan Dunn However in sure there has to be another book Post 2010 I bought this book to read on holiday and I could not put it down Only took me a few days I m now re watching all the Steve o dvds and jackass movies I really hope he does another book.

  5. Bekki Bekki says:

    I m a bit bias as I ve always loved the Jackass franchise and Wildboyz is one of my favourite TV shows so I was automatically drawn to this then Bam Margera s Serious As Dog Dirt.I was in now way disappointed When Steve O s not completely blootered and sometimes when he is , he comes across is a really intelligent guy and that s been ignored due to the nature of the job Especially now he s sober and still managing to do his tricks and be fun.This book is about Steve O, who was and always will be himself, but also it s about Stephan Glover, someone who ended up on the wrong path but managed to leave it at the same time He manages to be both optimistic and pessimistic, hopeful but worried.My favourite parts are when he speaks about Chris Pontius, which are always hilarious and gruesome.If you re a fan of Jackass, get it If you re not a fan of Jackass, get it It s an uplifting but realistic read.

  6. Dani Dani says:

    I admittedly have a vested interest in books about addiction, be it fact or fiction This is a brutally honest memoir that flits between light hearted and serious, and stays entertaining and interesting throughout An essential read for Jackass fans or anybody interested in addiction for any reason.

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