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Star Wars: Joke Book This book is aimed at younger children as the jokes are very basic and like groaners than tummy ticklers I bought this as a gift for my husband as he loves Star Wars and cheesy jokes but I m not sure he ll find it very funny when he opens it Good as a stocking present that ll be read and thrown away perhaps Lovely illustrations and quality though. The jokes are sooo bad It is a good teenager s joke book, really do have to be a star wars fan otherwise you just sit there looking blankly whilst the person reading th ejoke is laughing their head off Yes this happened Good little joke book though This is a present for my 8 year old nephew plus I know his dad is a Star Wars fan when we were younger I ve flicked through it and the jokes are cheesy but funny Definitely worth it for a giggle. My son loved this book and has been telling us all the little joke giving us all a nice laugh and giggle together Bought this as a gift for a Star Wars fan, it was well received, but i have have to put up with these jokes on a regular basis ever since.Book is good quality and jokes are mainly clean and simple making it good for many audiences. Quick delivery and reasonable price Great stocking filler Son mad on anything Starwars What can I say the jokes are stupid, but stupid in a way which is executed well It will either make you double over with tears in your eyes die hard Star Wars fans or roll your eyes with a slight smirk not so die hard fans Either way, it s an entertaining little book which contains short jokes, longer jokes and illustrations to accompany them I would guess that the target audience is 9 , but this was a gift for someone who is 20 so take what you will from that. I hear someone picked Yoda s pocketWho would stoop so lowWhat did the rancor say when it ate the wookieeMmm chewy It s comedy contest night at Jabba the Hutt s palace, and all of your favourite Star Wars heroes and villains have brought their best jokes Who will be the winner You decide whether Obi Wan Kenobi is actually funnier than Emperor Palpatine Or if an ewok haswit than a wookie This book is sure to have even the darkest Sith laughing his head off Look out for other Star Wars activity titlesStar Wars Where s the Wookiee Search and Find Book Star Wars Starfighter Workshop Star Wars A New Hope Activity Book Star Wars Return of the Jedi Activity Book Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Activity Book Star Wars Doodle Book Star Wars R2 D2 s Droid Workshop Make Your Own R2 D2 Star Wars Rebels Rebels Rule Activity Book Star Wars Transfer Activity Book

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