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Carol Vorderman's Times Tables Book (Made Easy) Times table books it can only get so interesting. Hints, Tips And Tricks To Learning Your Times Tables With Carol VordermanIf Your Child Finds Times Tables A Little Testing Then Here S The Answer Straightforward, Easy To Follow Tips, Hints And Advice From Carol Vorderman That Will Help Them Remember Their Tables For EverThere Are Fun Illustrations, Shortcuts, Clever Ways To Make Some Or The Harder Times Tables Simpler To Learn And Even Some Harmless Cheats That Their Teacher Will Approve Of They Can Also Download A Fantastic FREE Podcast From The DK Website So They Can Join In With Other Children Saying Their Tables , AND Play The Fill In The Answer Game This book arrived earlier than expected.It is exactly as described in the on line description.We are very pleased with it and are happy to recommend this retailer. Good book, a bit scattered for teaching, needs adult supervision at all times Each page is too busy Children struggling to learn find it too much and parents looking to help would find explanations difficult if they had not experienced this style at school themselves My daughter has used this book religously from year one right up to year four, her younger brother is also now using Would definitely recommend There are a lot of books that focus on timestables, but the main difference between those and this one is that this one really focusses on the concept behind times tables If your child is only just learning the tables, then this is a very good book to buy It breaks down how tables work, grouping items, showing why we say something multiplied Good book, would definitely recommend this as a starter book when introducing multiplication. Great book to help learn your tables Some excellent tips for remembering the patterns for each on like in the 9 times table the digits always add up to 9 2 double pages of info for most of the numbers Only downside is answers are printed upside down on the bottom of each page

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