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Is It Really Too Much To Ask?: The World According to Clarkson Volume 5 No suprises, same as every year.I like Mr C s style of ranting, it s a good toilet book as the chapters are short I haven t finished it yet, but thus far it is amusing and well written.I get one every year for Christmas, it is a dad s book This is my first on Kindle Ordered and available to read in under 2 minutes and I have a VERY slow internet connection Enjoy it for what it is.Steve The Fifth Volume In The Mega Bestselling World According To Clarkson SeriesWell, Someone S Got To Do It In A World Which Simply Will Not See Reason, Jeremy Sets Off On Another Quest To Beat A Path Of Sense Through All The Silliness And Idiocy And There S No Knowing What Might Catch Jeremy S Eye Along The Way It Could Be The Merits Of Stonehenge As A Business Model Why All Meetings Are A Waste Of Time The Theft Of The Queen S Cows One Norwegian Man S Unique Approach To Showing His Gratitude Fitting A Burglar Alarm To A Tortoise Or How Lou Reed Was Completely Wrong About What Makes A Perfect DayPithy And Provocative, This Is Clarkson At His Best, Taking Issue With Whatever Nonsense Gets In The Way Of His Search For All That S Worth Celebrating Why Should We Be Forced To Accept Stuff That S A Bit Rubbish Shouldn T Things Work Why Doesn T Someone Care I Mean, Is It Really Too Much To Ask It S A Good Thing We Ve Still Got Jeremy Out There, Still Looking, Without Fear Or Favour, For The Answers I ve loved and given five stars to all Clarkson s previous collections but while this one still made me laugh out loud quite a few times he is getting a little too political and defensive for my personal taste Obviously there has always been a heavy dose of politics in his books as they are newspaper columns it is only to be expected but this offering beats you over the head with his support and indeed friendship with Cameron and his tory ilk I try to like Clarkson despite his right wing leanings because he is funny but that is harder than usual this time round. The usual wit and declarations of love for e.g great cars his idea of great may not coincide with yours, but he s probably driven and knows than you and of hate for e.g vegetablists, ramblers, Piers Morgan et al One of the few writers that it would probably be rewarding to have dinner with. I have read a few Clarkson books over the years I am not a great fan of him on TV but always seemed to enjoy his writing This however seems tired, with many regurgitated jokes and quips I just don t find his writing funny any as it becomes and bizarre Sorry Jeremy. I like Clarkson but to a degree this book is boring, it is one off excerpts from newspaper articles, I personally do not think it makes good reading one wonders how such a talented man could write such dribble and people buy it, like me, me thinks he is trying to be what he is not. Yeah I m a Top Gear fan It just happened I have never cared for cars in my entire life so that I became a Top Gear fan is frankly astonishing I don t even have a driving license.Anyway, I was quite sad when Top Gear was put on hiatus earlier this year because of the fracas that word will probably be associated with Jeremy Clarkson from now on and then never came back because Jeremy Clarkson was fired from the show So, I comforted myself with reruns of the show and with this book A Jeremy Clarkson book is perfect antidote for anyone that suffering from Top Gear withdrawal because he is as outrageous when he writes as he is when he talks, and I love that In this world of PC is it nice to have someone that just don t give a damn about that.This is Jeremy s chronicles, collected and published as a book and I love having a book like this lying beside my bed for when I just want to read something easy before I sleep or I can t sleep because ever chapter is 3.5 pages long and that means that I can read a couple of chapters than try to sleep again Perfect I enjoyed reading this so much that I feel the need to buy a new Jeremy Clarkson book soon, luckily for me do I have an unread Richard Hammond book that I now can start to read. As a fan of Jeremy Clarkson, I have most of his book s in hardback and, paperback form I may have mentioned this before when I reviewed volume 3 in this series.Yet again there were some very funny articles in this book, such as for example when he explains about Birmingham, it s people and, the brummie accent His views on shops in the high street and, people s shopping habits but, also about some of the staff that work in them There are some good laugh out loud moments in quite a few of the different topics he writes about.Jeremy Clarkson may not be everyone s cup of tea but, if you re like and, a fan of mr.Clarkson then I recommend this book.

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