Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens

Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens I have always liked Eddie Izzard ever since the 1960s which is as far back as I can remember They say if you can remember the 1960s you were not there Well I was, and I can Even though I was only four at the turn of the decade when the 1970s started, I can still remember them Well some of them anyway I didn t know who Eddie Izzard was back then but I am pretty sure that if I had known him I would have liked him a lot I like the way he communicates with people and his openness and his strange stories He makes you think and he makes you laugh This is the book he has written about his life and I do believe, perhaps wrongly, that he has written this himself rather than had a chat with a ghost writer who has written it for him He also wants to make sure that everyone is picking up what he is laying down and there are plenty of amusing notes in very small print at the bottom of the pages to explain, for example, to readers from America, what some of the terms mean that he uses that will not immediately make sense to them This is the sort of man he is.Oh and he runs marathons too Lots of them. It s great to learn a bit about such a great comedian When they are at the top of their game which Eddie seems to have been forever you can forget the difficult path to get there As a runner I was almost keen to understand his motivation to run so many back to back marathons He s a tenacious comedian and runner Oh, and the story telling is fantastic as you just apply a mental soundtrack of his lilting tones and it comes to life. Buy it a wonderful read by a lovely human being. I m a big fan of Eddie Izzard and have had the pleasure of meeting him This book was just like Eddie talking, going off at a tangent as he frequently does, funny as he always is but I found it very touching too He obviously misses his Mum hugely and is is also close to his father and brother which comes across in his writing I found his writing honest and brave and it really lets you see a lot of the person he is If you re a fan too then you definitely need to read this. Don t get somewhere as fast as possible Get somewhere as good as possible Star of stage and screen Tireless supporter of charity Marathon runner Political campaigner Fashion icon Human There is no one quite like Eddie Izzard This is the story of how he broke throughHis relentless optimism has led him to always do things his own way, even if it didn t work first time, and his incredible self belief has pushed him to keep on trying, even if it didn t work the second or third time eitherWhether he was putting on teddy bear shows on boarding school beds or swordfighting on the streets of London, Eddie never stopped trying to achieve his dreams of becoming a performerBrimming with his distinctively surreal humour and disarming candour, Believe Me tells the story of a boy who never took no for an answer This book is a raw, honest exploration of what it means to live your truth, to be unapologetically ambitious It s about being brave And hilarious Chelsea Handler King of the Universe Comic genius Entertainment incarnate Telegraph Laughter trumps sorrow in candid comedian Eddie Izzard s Believe Me Vanity Fair

About the Author: Eddie Izzard

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens book, this is one of the most wanted Eddie Izzard author readers around the world.

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