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As I Was Saying . . .: The World According to Clarkson Volume 6 I enjoyed the previous instalments of this series and this one is not a bad addition Whilst I don t necessarily always agree with Jeremy s views, it is not a requirement to enjoy his writings Mostly topical, usually informative, not always funny, but certainly entertaining and unique. Crikey, The World According To Clarkson S Been A Funny Old Place Of LateFor A While, Jeremy Could Be Found In His Normal Position As The Tallest Man On British Television But, Recently, He Appears To Have Been Usurped By A Pretend ElephantBut On Paper The Real Jeremy Remains At The Helm That S As It Should Be For Nearly Thirty Years He Has Been Fearlessly Leading The Charge As One The Best Comic Writers In The Country And In , He Shows No Sign Of Slowing Down So, Whether It S Pondering If Jesus Might Have Been Better Off Being Born In New Zealand Why Reflexive Pronoun Abuse Is The Worst Thing In The World How Pam Ayres S Head Trumps Gordon Gecko S Underpants Or What A Television Presenter With Time On His Hands Gets Up ToJeremy Is Still Trying To Make Sense Of All The Big StuffCircumstances Change Nothing S Forever But As I Was Saying Provides Glorious Proof That Jeremy Remains As Funny, Puzzled, Excitable, Outspoken, Insightful And Thought Provoking As Ever As If You Ever Doubted It Praise For Clarkson Brilliant Laugh Out Loud Daily Telegraph Outrageously Funny Will Have You In Stitches Time Out Very Funny I Cracked Up Laughing On The Tube Evening Standard More examples of Jeremy Clarkson s over the top comments on everyday life You need to be a Clarkson fan to appreciate his points of view Very good in parts But even by Clarkson s standards it is in very poor taste at times That s not normally an issue it s what Clarkson does but this overstepped the mark somewhat Generally a good, entertaining light read with some classic insights. As ever Jeremy hits 1,000 home truths and that seems to offend some You know weirdy beardy , lefty , eco warrior Guardian readers and those whom go on cruises and or are members of the Caravan Club.Read this on holiday and it is laugh out loud stuff Love the section on cruises and the tourons who participate in such things A fine read. Clarkson being Clarkson, saying the very things that many people wish they could say to the world Witty, and very true. I have all his The World According to books and a few others I think Clarkson is great, not that that means I agree with all his views, it s just so well written and makes me laugh out loud I re read them all the time, they are books that you can dip into especially if you need cheering up Jeremy is controversial as we have all read in the papers, you either like him or hate him I find him very funny and have read most of his books I do prefer his thoughts on the world and circumstances as opposed to just about cars Not many average Joes can afford a super Car although saying that it is interesting to read about the traits of a Ferrari or Porsche knowing I will never own one

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