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Can You See Me? Moving and full of insight a beautifully written and compelling story about growing up autistic Highly recommended reading for all young people and adults, this book provides a powerful lesson in empathy. A beautiful story told from the heart coupling the warm style of Rebecca Westcott with powerful additions from Libby Scott This story will stay with me as it is a very accurate reflection of what my own 11 year old daughter is going through and I am so grateful that a story like this is finally in print Everyone should read Can You See Me as it is an insight into the world of those children, particularly girls, who are dealing with autism in their daily lives while just desperately trying to fit in. Review from a 10 year old.Can You See Me is about an eleven year old girl called Tally, who has autism She is starting year seven at Kingswood Academy.Tally lives with her mum Jennifer, dad Kevin and big sister Nell The book explains what is hard for Tally, because she is different She is a picky eater, and the spicy pepperoni on pizza makes her tongue feel invaded by an army of red ants She finds things difficult e.g noise.Tally, like the author Libby Scott, also has demand avoidance It means she finds it hard to follow instructions from her family as being asked to do something makes her anxious When they are going to the fair Tally s dad asks her to come with him, but this means Tally feels stressed and can t follow the request even though she wants to go to the fair She has to wait to feel calm so that she is able to do it.It also shows that autism can be a superpower, and that some people on the spectrum have better memory or hearing However, it s bad if you can hear grown up conversations from in your room Noises seem a lot louder to you and they can make your ears hurt Tally can also feel the tiniest things and they annoy her She can feel seams in socks, labels inI would recommend this book to those who have autistic siblings, or are autistic themselves It really does change the way you look at autism Plus Tally is my favourite character because her autism is very similar to mine. Please, please read this book if you have anything to do with autistic children young people I am a teacher, specialising in transitioning autistic pupils from primary to secondary school and teaching them in Y7, as well as delivering autism training to teachers This book should be mandatory reading for every teacher, or anyone who has anything to do with autistic young people It succeeds in delivering, in 360 pages, the most succinct autism training that I have recently come across Libby Scott s actuallyautistic voice shines through the story sorry Libby, I know voices can t actually shine and Rebecca Westcott does a simply wonderful job of crafting a tale that is so authentic and moving, that I couldn t put it down I honestly can t recommend this book enough Loved this book so much, it really gave me an insight into how my daughter is feeling as we transition from primary school, it s so good I ordered a copy for her current teacher and I m giving one to the new teacher so we can all be as aware and informed as possible, every teacher, TA, headteacher and school governors should read it and see what it s really like to feel such demands.Can t recommend it enough Fabulous, I ve just finished reading after bolting it down in one sitting Can You See Me by Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott is aimed I think at 9 11 year olds, but should be essential reading for all parents, teachers, kids, siblings for anyone, whether you have an autistic child in your life or not It s the bravely written story of Tally, covering a few months of her life as she starts Year 7 at senior school It made me laugh, it made me cry, and at times it was uncomfortable reading The uncomfortable, emotional confusing first days at secondary school that I think we can all relate to made so much of a confusing mine field for Tally Utterly fabulous Essential reading What a moving book I loved it As a teacher for the last 20 years I felt that I learnt so much about how autistic children feel especially as they transition into secondary school It is so wonderful that it is aimed at KS3 because it is at that point that childrenWant to conform and being different can cause huge problems This book celebrates difference and is a wonderful inspiration for teenage children as well as everyone else who has problems understanding autism and pda. With diary entries written by eleven year old Libby Scott, based on her own experiences of autism, this pioneering book, written in collaboration with esteemed author Rebecca Westcott, has been widely praised for its realistic portrayal of autism Tally is eleven years old and she s just like her friends Well, sometimes she is If she tries really hard to be Because there s something that makes Tally not the same as her friends Something she can t cover up, no matter how hard she tries Tally is autistic Tally s autism means there are things that bother her even though she wishes they didn t It means that some people misunderstand, her and feel frustrated by her People think that because Tally s autistic, she doesn t realise what they re thinking, but Tally sees and hears and notices all of it And, honestly That s not the easiest thing to live with Perfect for fans of Wonder and The Goldfish Boy, this sucker punch to the heart is valuable reading for children and adults alike Endearing, insightful and warmly uplifting, Can You See Meis a story of autism, empathy and kindness that will touch readers of all ages I think that books like these help develop empathy and understanding, that are key to have neurodiverse friendly and inclusive environments I really recommend it

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