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Setting up a Successful Photography Business (Setting Up Guides) This is the first review I have written on Anazon and I felt compelled to do it I was going to ask that no one buys this book as I don t want the competition for my photography business but that would be wrong I say this because anyone thinking of starting their own business taking pictures and making money from it should read this book The depth the author goes in to in her writings is fantastic and it should be on every amateur pro photographers bookshelf I have read many on the subject and apart from one other, this is one of the only ones that deals with the UK market The Bigger Picture by Jeanne Griffiths being the other one Just buy it It s a small investment that you can t do without. Setting up a Successful Photography Business is a practical and essential handbook for anyone who wants to be a professional photographer Written by the owner of a successful photography agency, it is packed full of helpful information and invaluable advice from not only the author but also many leading photographers and commissioners working in all areas of the industry today This book includes all the essentials how to prepare the best portfolio and website how to market yourself and get clients how to cost and produce shoots how to find representation how to finance and run your business how to deal with contracts and legal obligations plus much It also contains lots of useful checklists, charts and handy business templates everything you need to know to get your own photography business off to flying start If you re looking to set up a photography business then you should certainly gain something from this book, although it is not a definitive guide.My biggest gripe is the poor and old fashioned approach to providing useful documents For a book published in 2012 it really needs a supporting website to allow readers to download the example documents in a usable format.It would also have been nice to have some specific guidance on what type of company is best for photographers, rather than a very general list of the differences between a sole trader, partnership, and Ltd company which you can get anywhere to be honest.That said, I enjoyed the book and I m glad I got it It s written in an engaging enough way, and even though they are a pain to transcribe the included model releases and terms and conditions have made it worth the purchase price alone. As someone who is relatively new to Freelance Photography I often find myself struggling to find detailed information about what full time pro s do with the non photographic side of their business i.e marketing, portfolios, legal, their committed approach Although I have engaged with other full time pro s I still found the balanced view difficult to come by or at least I did until nowthat where Lisa Pritchard s book comes in.What I feel the book provides above everything else, is real world, balanced view from whom you may ask Photographers and Agents who are currently running very successful businesses This therefore isn t another book written by another failed pro that struggles to make ends meet and hence writes a book The author of this book runs a successful agency in the UK and has used her many contacts photographers, art buyers, creative directors etc to provide input for this wonderful and inspiring book.On a final note, who is this book pitched at I guess there is a slight leaning towards Commercial Photography which suited me , but overall I would say the target audience are photographers who want to run their businesses in the right way, people who have vision and aspire to be the best that they can be Become the ultimate professional If you are serious about your photography, buy this book now I started my photography business a couple of years ago and still got a lot of useful ideas from this book I don t believe there is a book that exists to tell you absolutely everything there is to know about running a photography business, but this book covers all of the main aspects I particularly enjoyed the section where professional and successful photographers give tips on how to succeed.I gave four rather than five stars purely because the templates would have been useful if they were downloadable. Great book, well written, covers most of the key points you should think about and gives you plenty to think about that may not be obvious to start.I have been lucky enough to see Lisa speak during the Sony World photo exhibition in London She is very knowledgeable and genuinely seems to care about photography and those who work in the industry.If you want to make the change from amateur to pro, this should definitely be on your reading list. Basic busines guide, not terribly well done but not bad as some I ve seen An English writer and book is applicable to EU market than US market All reference and business practices are European and not necessarily applicable to United States photographers. This is a good book overall I, however, work directly with the public so found a lot of the info irrelevant It is mainly geared towards photographers who work for magazines organise shoots There s a lot of info surrounding this subject, including finding an agent and organising a shoot etc There s some useful info on copyright and an example contract at the back Overall, I d say that if you are literally just starting out or want to sell your work to a magazine or art gallery then this book is great If you re just running your own business selling directly to the public then you may not find it as useful. First of all this is a British based book about setting up a business in the UK, which is a find in itself It is a really useful and insightful point of reference If you are planning to start your own photography business, this little book makes essential reading Lisa has produced a step by step guide on how to do it with all the information that you will need It covers the legal issues you are likely to face, like contact terms and conditions, and the issue of copyright protection and insurance I would highly recommend this book to have on shelf for future reference.