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The Little Mermaid Not a very kid friendly book First of all the little girl s nipples are visible in the illustration which is an issue if you re a teacher, plus the story is not a child friendly version It s very dark and upsetting I deeply regret this purchase. Its a classic yet when it arrived I was still in awe Its large, hardback and with the most beautiful illustrations I included a couple of photos of the illustrations.My little girl wanted to sleep with the book in her bed after story time that is how much she loved it It will truly make a beautiful present Well worth the price. There are lots of childrens books on the market but I wanted to introduce the kids to some of the classics and this being based upon Hans Christian Anderson I was looking forward to reading this with the kids The language is a little complex than a lot of kids books out these days which is probably a good thing as it increases their vocab We read this a few times and my little one read on his own and then we talked about the book and did a little research on HCA and his other books.Its a nice large hardback book and lovely big illustrations throughout, its a book we have now read a few times so its one I would certainly recommend. This is a wonderfully illustrated hard backed re telling of Hans Christian Anderson s Little Mermaid story Please note this is really important this book isn t the Disney version It s much darker and at times scary for very young children Not a book I would use with under 8 year olds Having said that it s well presented, keeps to the original story The story does make the reader think and that is good The illustrations are excellent A hard book to score So one star off just to remind this isn t for very small children. Las ilustraciones son preciosas, y a la persona a la que se lo regal , tambi n le encant Vale el precio que tiene Beautiful book, bigger than I expected, make a lovely gift, wonderfully illustrated story about the little mermaid. I would give this book 5 stars on aesthetic appeal alone, and another 5 stars for its retelling of Andersen s classic fairy tale However, I am removing a star, down to 4 stars, as the themes are a bit dark, and heavy This is not light reading for a small child, but a complex, compelling story of a Little Mermaid to whom an eternal soul is gained through her growth and understanding of love.My 6 year old daughter seemed quite surprised by the original ending Not the glorified, lighthearted Disney ending of the movie However, a few days later, she surprised me by telling me that she liked this story better than the Disney movie.I think an older child, age 6 10 will get the most from this book There are references to the sea witch taking the mermaid s tongue and to the pain she endures for gaining legs, and above all, death that I think a younger child would have trouble getting past on the way to the positive, yet subtle message written within. Art work is beautiful Definitely not the Disney version. The whole Hans Christian Anderson story whether it intends to or not basically warns about how it s a bad idea throwing your life, ambitions, culture and family away on the first guy you meet, because well, not to sound bad but yeah boys and the Disney tale makes it worse by making the Prince fall in love and happy ending Geraldine McCaughrean not only honours the original story where the Prince does marry the Princess, not the mermaid here called Delphine , but also honours the excruciating pain on walking and the deal that her sisters make to save her Trading their hair for a magicked knife that will undo the Curse if she kills the Prince.Now like the proper tale, Delphine doesn t kill the Prince because it would be too cruel BUT instead of turning into sea foam, we get something else no spoilers not perfect BUT we are dealing with a fairy tale here and oh my goodness so So SO much better than the Disney give up your entire self for a man schtick.And the art Oh my goodness the art is stunning With gorgeous inky seascapes and layered silhouette illustrations by Laura Barrett this is beautiful and evocative and we don t need to know what the Little Mermaid looks like to feel and resonate with her because the silhouettes communicates the emotions necessary. Hans Christian Andersen s entrancing tale of love, set between land and sea, is retold by renowned storyteller Geraldine McCaughrean and brought to life in magical silhouette artwork by illustrator Laura Barrett When she falls in love with a prince, the little mermaid persuades a sea witch to replace her tail with legs so she can live on land But the price demanded by the wicked sea witch is great the mermaid s beautiful voiceWith a sparkling foiled cover, this beautiful gift book is a must have addition to any child s bookshelf

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