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Brain-fizzing Facts: Awesome Science Questions Answered Why Is Your Elbow Called Your Funny Bone How Could You Escape The Grip Of A Crocodile S Jaw Which Animal Can Breathe Through Its Bottom And How Do These Things All Link Together This Brilliant Book By The Science Expert Dr Emily Grossman Will Have Eyebrows Raised And Jaws Dropping As It Uncovers The Amazing Scientific Explanations Behind All Sorts Of Questions That Can Pop Into Our Heads Can An Egg Bounce How Can A Giraffe S Ridiculously Long Neck Contain The Same Number Of Bones As A Human S How Much Does The Internet Weigh Written By Science Superstar And STEM Ambassador Emily Grossman, This Book Will Answer All Science Questions You May Or May Not Have Wondered About Each Section In The Book Is Linked To The One Before It, Creating A Fantastically Interactive Structure, Where A Question Answered Brings Up New Curiosities And Surprises This Is The Perfect Book For Children Who Love Learning About Science Or Who Need An Extra Nudge When It Comes To STEM Subjects After All, Who Wouldn T Want To Find Out How A Hippo Can Use Its Own Sweat As Sunscreen

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    There are plenty books to engage young people with science The difference with this great book is that it sets the scene by asking the kind of questions you would have asked when you were very young and gives a choice of four answers, some of which are very humorous I might add The author then takes the reade

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    As Dr Emily Grossman is a patron of The Aspergillosistrust aspertrust and she had donated a signed copy of the book as a raffle prize for the World Aspergillosis Day 2020 raffle, I thought I d get a copy for my Grandson, Well I ve not been disappointed, it is full of fun facts, some a little gross which he will love es

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    I bought this book for a curious 8 year old who loves learning new facts but it s turned out to be fascinating for the whole family and is written in a very approachable way with fun illustrations All the facts are linked nicely so the book flows very well and being a boy he particularly loves the facts about farts and poo The o

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    What a smashing book Filled with facts of course, but what captured me most was the way it was written to stimulate curiosity about the natural world I found myself guessing each of the multi choice answers and eagerly reading on to find out if I was right I was only about 30% of the time I devoured it and I know the kid I ve bought it fo

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    This book is a perfect gift for any child or indeed curious adult Accessible and fun on every page, the best thing is it s not just a list of facts, it s written to get you thinking like a scientist Dr Emily presents the Q and helps you consider the options before explaining both the scientific answer and how it was discovered Learning by stealth,

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    Love this book Great explanations to scientific questions Illustrations grab your attention too Can t wait to add to my class library.

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    I decided to buy this for my nephew who is a Doctor of Chemistry bit of fun but when it arrived I enjoyed reading it so much I am ordering copies as Christmas presents for children of my friends Well set out, great illustrations and full of questions children like to ask Brilliant

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    I love this book It s aimed at kids but to be honest it s pretty great for adults and it s our new favourite loo book There are some amazing facts in there with great illustrations and loads of laughs If you need presents for kids then this is just great, they won t even notice it s educational but I promise, you ll enjoy it too Brilliant.

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