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Do Not Disturb This explosive new erotic thriller series is equal parts DEXTER and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY I broke the rules I left, I killed, I loved itDeanna Madden locked herself away for three years She never left the apartment Never allowed herself contact with another human beingTried to stop herself acting out her homicidal urgesNow, recently reacquainted with the outside world, Deanna is working out a new balance between her work on the sex cams and her life outside the walls of EBut her equilibrium is about to be shattered as violence and evil begin to close in

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  1. Nawal Nawal says:

    Alessandra Torre has written some of my favourite books to date and no doubt this series is on that list I love a good suspense with craziness involved and well this book was all about the crazy It s sick but it keeps you intrigued, just the correct elements for a good thriller.At just every turn I was going mad with wanting to know what happens I was so close to turning to the last page but I didn t want to miss anything important The struggle was real I just love but am still really wary of Deanna you know Like a serial killer in the making I just hope she doesn t lose it altogether and she can continue to be as strong as she has been so far She has had many opportunities where she could hurt an innocent but the question remains of whether she is strong enough to battle her crazy killer tendencies She just might snap one day.One main thing I must say is that this book did really well with the multiple point of views We have Deanna s perspective which is told from first person, then we have third person perspective from the villain himself Marcus and also my beloveds Jeremy and Mike It s just about getting the right balance of changing view points, adding their stories in just the right places and this book definitely achieved that Because the outcome was the story keeping us on edge the whole way through.I think Alessandra gets the concept of love pretty spot on Like I feel so much with her characters than any other books because their relationships and feelings are so reality based The characters were really brought to life and in my mind they do exist Excuse me for being such a fan girl My favourite person to date is Mike I cannot wait to get on his story He s been the greatest friend to Deanna, even though they have never really met each other And I think in the next part we ll get of him I also want to know about this mysterious therapist Deanna always speaks to I also have a hunch he may be present physically for the next part Fingers crossed.Overall, an absolutely fantastic read That should say it all And I conclude with one of my favourite quotes in the book It is here, the moment I have fought, hoped against while secretly desired I am loved Me dirty, rotten me The man hasn t even had me, our touches restricted to heavy petting and third base, our dates mostly centred on food or bringing me items I have been deprived off.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    After being pleasantly surprised by the first entry in the series, The Girl in 6E , I was excited but a little trepidatious about Do Not Disturb as I wasn t sure where a book about a reclusive camgirl could go next I m glad to say that Do Not Disturb is as enjoyable as its prequel, even if it s not quite as good.Like the previous entry the story follows Deanna Madden, a girl with a troubled past who has locked herself in her apartment for years and makes a living fulfilling the fantasies of men and women online through an intricate camera setup in her room But when Deanna shuns the affections of a convicted criminal with a history of violence against women, she puts herself and those around her in danger.The plot moves at a decent pace as it shifts between the viewpoints of Deanna, her new boyfriend Jeremy, her IT friend, and the book s antagonist It shows us Deanna s concerns about venturing out into the world while providing an insight into the mindsets of the various characters and giving us something interesting to read while Deanna is living her daily life the details of her past having been revealed in the previous book leaves us little to know about Deanna at this point so the increased focus on other characters is probably a good decision by the author.It also quite effectively balances the elements of Deanna s real life relationship with those she has with her online clients, but I felt like the camming side of things didn t get the attention it got in the previous book Where The Girl in 6E delved into the psychology of sordid or obscure fantasies, Do Not Disturb felt very tame and conservative That being said I m glad the sex talk was sparce as the stuff that was there felt both dull and overindulgent.The villain of the book is very two dimensional Chapter after chapter reminds us that he s a bad man a really really bad man without giving any depth to his character It s certainly effective at making the reader hate him, but it feels like a very cheap and unsatisfying way to do it However, the countdown to his release from house arrest is a great way of building suspense early in the book.In the Author s Notes, Torre reveals that she allowed other people s opinions to alter the fate of some of the characters in the book and I can t help but feel it would have been much better if she had gone with her original intentions as the conclusion felt a bit flat to me Nevertheless it was an enjoyable read although not as good as the first one and I look forward to number 3.

  3. Tobias Reeks Tobias Reeks says:

    Do Not Disturb picks up where The Girl in 6E left off, with the reader rejoining Deanna about two weeks after the events of the first novel.Having stepped outside once, Deanna is now taking massive steps at rejoining the real world her relationship with her love interest steps up a gear, and she even goes as far as making a massive purchase on something we may take for granted.Deanna s online activities, however, leads a caged beast to make a active interest in her, to the extent where the lives of her nearest and dearest are now in the firing line.Told again, in a mixture of first and third person narrative, the short chapters make the story fast paced and lively, so you will finish it within a few days.Again, there is scope for the reading of the third novel in the series, called If You Dare , but you d need to read The Girl in 6E to enjoy this fully.To conclude another great thriller from Ms Torre

  4. Charlotte Woolnough Charlotte Woolnough says:

    Absolutely loved this series, the best I ve read in a while The concept is so original A.R.Torre is excellent For anyone looking to read of her work, try searching Alessandra Torre instead as she has a lot of books published under that name

  5. Andrea Brown Andrea Brown says:

    I read this book a few years ago when it first came out and I was absolutely hooked There are 3 books to the story line and it s just absolutely incredible.

  6. Kellyst79 Kellyst79 says:

    This book is full of suspense with a dark sexy story This is just as good as the first book and I m going to start the 3rd now

  7. Anon Anon says:

    Seriously, this is just another love story with a bit of dirtiness mixed in I wasn t expecting such a cheesy romance, but I guess I should have realized what the author s other books are about and avoided it The first book was the same, but since I bought this one as well I read it I wasn t looking for a relationship romance.

  8. NicShef❤️Reading NicShef❤️Reading says:

    Fantastic book An even better sequel than I could have imagined Deanna is fabulous, her character getting stoic and stronger than ever and Jeremy so utterly charming The darkside of evil is quite disturbing so it s not for the feint hearted You have had to have read The Girl in room 6E to fully appreciate the gravity and complexities of these characters.

  9. Amelly Amelly says:

    Difficile per me trovare un libro, dove la continuazione sia scritta ancora meglio del precedente La scrittrice ha superato se stessa, mantenendo un ritmo ancora pi interessante, in un thriller dove non si riesci a smettere di leggere.Bravissima un altra volta la scrittrice

  10. Samantha Pizarras Samantha Pizarras says:

    Great read Couldn t put it down and burned through it in 3 days.

  11. Megan Thompson Megan Thompson says:

    I bought this book used, it came in the condition I expected, so no issues there I liked this book, but def didn t love it I think the first one was better, but I seem to be among the minority in that opinion That being said, it was definitely worth the read, I ll be ordering the final book in the series after finishing this review I m going to get into specifics now, SOSPOILER ALERT Okay, I didn t love the climax between Deanna Marcus I mean this whole situation was built up built up for the entire book then was ultimately underwhelming I would ve liked of a power struggle there, but oh well.That being said, in the Note From the Author its revealed that in earlier drafts, Jermey dies, Mike gets ALL of his fingers cut off All of that would ve sucked Deanna would ve never come back from losing Jeremy would ve ended up killing Mike What would book 3 even have been about, lol Her therapist Which, speaking of the therapist, totally intrigues me I m really hoping he plays a bigger role in book 3 There s definitely tension between him Deanna, I m interested to see where that goes.

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