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And On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of TOP GEAR An enjoyable read but, as a writer, Mr Porter should really learn how to make better use of commas and paragraphs They were invented for a reason and a lack of them makes some parts, especially towards the end, difficult to follow.However, this book is an interesting take on tv, and specifically Top Gear It s fascinating at times, and never dull The author addresses the criticism of Top Gear as forced and overly scripted but seems to be in denial at times yes, Richard Porter, you definitely did jump the shark , and far too many times The awful airship nonsense isn t even mentioned but that, for me, was where the tide really turned They not only jumped the shark they flattened and buried it in every show by the end It s not like fans weren t telling then on Top Gear forums, in the street, in reviews, etc To claim that people complained when it was over scripted, when it was really ad lib, is missing the point it was the scripted ad libs that came across as the most fake even so than the ridiculous stunts.However, the author is less in denial about the ending of the show he discusses it honestly and fairly, explaining how let down he and his colleagues felt about Clarkson s childish actions against a colleague who, the author clearly stresses, was a loved and respected member of the team. I Was Top Gear S Script Editor For Years And All Series I Basically Used To Check Spelling And Think Of Stupid Gags About The Stig I Also Got To Hang Around With Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond And James May It Didn T Feel Like Something You Should Get Paid For From The Disastrous Pilot Show Of To The Sudden And Unexpected Ending In , Working On Top Gear Was Quite A Rollercoaster Ride We Crossed Continents, We Made Space Ships, We Bobbed Across The World S Busiest Shipping Lane In A Pick Up Truck We Also Got Chased By An Angry Mob, Repeatedly Sparked Fury In Newspapers, And Almost Killed One Of Our Presenters I Realised That I Had Quite A Few Stories To Tell From Behind The Scenes On The Show I Remembered Whose Daft Idea It Was To Get A Dog I Recalled The Willfully Stupid Way In Which We Decorated Our Horrible Office I Had A Sudden Flashback To The Time A Bolivian Drug Lord Threatened To Kill Us I Decided I Should Write Down Some Of These Stories So I Have I Hope You Like Them And Now, A Quote From James May Richard Porter Has Asked Me To Write A Quote For His New Book About The Ancient History Of Top Gear But This Is A Ridiculous Request How Can One Write A Quote Surely, By Definition, A Quote Must Be Extracted From A Greater Body Of Writing, For The Purpose Of Illustrating Or Supporting A Point In An Unrelated Work I Cannot Write A Quote Any Than I Could Film An Out Take Porter, Like Athens, Has Lost His Marbles James May Hugely enjoyable read for anyone who likes TG or SniffPetrol.Doesn t go in to huge amounts of detail but paints a vivid, entertaining and seemingly honest picture of what working on the show was like.Highly recommended. A Huge fan of the top gear franchise, I bought a few books with an gift card I received this had caught my eye on a daily deals email I decided upon purchasing it what a fantastic time this turned out to be Richards stories of him and the crew s adventures were gripping and exciting from start to finish, a real must for any fan of the behind the scenes stuff or just TG in general great work Richard Porter L ong live the Grand Tour A highly entertaining read from the former Script Editor of new old Top Gear otherwise known as the Clarkson, May and Hammond years If you re a car enthusiast and or fan of Top Gear, there s a fair amount in this book that will be familiar to you, but this does not detract from the enjoyment of reading this book it s like a solid hug from a good friend, with a few things you didn t know thrown in for good measure Curiously, unlike the series itself, there s nothing too controversial here, though that s probably a good thing, as controversy in the written word can often look sensationalist and a bit desperate , especially when it comes to selling books Overall, a superbly written book, charting the rise, rise, rise and sharp fall of the show we now know as a Matt Le Blanc vehicle. The truth shall set you free, I have watched a lot of TG and still rewatch the YouTube clips, but when I set about reading this book, I never expected to read the signature humour throughout that was always part of the compelling odyssey that was TG Yes I was one of those that just accepted what I saw was indeed 3 friends mucking about and have a jolly good time, but now I realise the actual level of devotion it takes to make something about messing around A LOT look professional and appealing Yes there were the ones that never sat quite so well, but I never had to part with large amounts of cash to sit back and enjoy them, unlike some films I ve seen at the cinema that required selling a kidney to take the family, with no possibility of a refund after The good far outweighed the bad bit a country mile This book this author and his tales are like the ghost in the machine you know there something there but you can t quite put your finger on it UNTIL NOW, And On That Bombshell

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