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Mixing and Mastering with IK Multimedia T-RackS: The Official Guide T RackS Is A Popular Stand Alone Audio Mastering Application That Includes A Suite Of Powerful Analog Modeled And Digital Dynamics And EQ Processor Modules That Also Work Perfectly As Plug Ins During Mixing While T RackS Is An Extremely Powerful Tool For Improving The Quality Of Your Recordings, All Of That Power Won T Do You Much Good If It S Misused With Mixing And Mastering With IK Multimedia T RackS The Official Guide, You Can Learn How To Harness The Potential Of T RackS From Mixing And Mastering Guru Bobby Owsinski, Bestselling Author Of The Mixing Engineer S Handbook And The Mastering Engineer S Handbook The Audio Mastering Handbook Through His Expert Guidance, You Ll Learn The Tips And Tricks Of Using T RackS Processor Modules To Help Bring Your Mixes To Life And Then Master Them So They Re Competitive With Any Major Label Release At The End Of Each Chapter, There Are A Number Of Questions That Will Help You To Better Understand Some Of The Principles Of Mixing And Mastering

About the Author: Bobby Owsinski

A long time music industry veteran, Bobby Owsinski started his career as a guitar and keyboard player, songwriter and arranger, eventually becoming an in demand producer engineer working not only with a variety of recording artists, but on commercials, television and motion pictures as well One of the first to delve into surround sound music mixing, Bobby has worked on over a hundred surround projects and DVD productions for a variety of superstar acts Combining his music and recording experience with an easy to understand writing style, Bobby has become one of the best selling authors in the music recording industry with 19 books that are now staples in audio recording, music, and music business programs in colleges around the world, including the best selling Mixing Engineer s Handbook, Recording Engineer s Handbook, and Music 3.0 A Survival Guide For Making Music In The Internet Age A frequent moderator, panelist, and program director for a variety of industry conferences, Bobby has served as the longtime producer of the annual Surround Music Awards, and is one of the creators and executive producers for the Guitar Universe and Desert Island Music television programs Visit Bobby s production blog at bobbyowsinski.blogspot.com , his Music 3.0 blog at music3point0.blogspot.com, and his website at bobbyowsinski.com

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