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Secrets After Dark (After Dark Book 2): Book Two in the After Dark series Wanted the sequel to be as good as the first instalment I m not disappointed, far from it, but there a few things troubling me.The story commences 6 weeks after Dominic leaves Beth and she doesn t hear from him and events occur that she is in a position to be in the company of Dominic s boss, and so she finds him She questions why he hasn t been in touch she gets some lame excuse frankly , and then they rekindle and grab moments together In the meantime, Andrei decides that Beth should work for him for a small secondment and then practically declares his love for her too It is still very much Beth s story, but being with Dominic and that whole situation seems to have driven her to a much stronger character altogether In actual fact, it is Beth and Andrei then Beth and Dominic and in parts he is an anicillary character I found him a bit weak in this book Not sure if that was the dynamic that the author was trying to portray, that Andrei was such a powerful character that there was no room for another alpha male in the story However, Beth even starts questioning her relationship with Dominic I didn t understand that there were two evenings when they sacked off being with one another because they were tired Are you kidding me She d been away from him for weeks, they were clearly still very passionate about one another when they reconnected and then they miss opportunities Plus, why are they always in the boudoir Why doesn t she ever go to his place And, where s his mate Vanessa They were kinda thick as thieves in the first book, and now it s like she never existed Plus why does Beth never go see her friend Celia These were all things which annoyed me a little.Oh and the fact that the author replays a lot of what happened in book one, as if the reader had never picked up the first book I hate that we re investing in the trilogy, so credit us a bit better So there are a few twists and turns and frankly I m getting to the point where I would rather Beth ended up with Andrei Who knows how it will pan out I would love that ending praying for it in the finale Certainly Dominic needs to grow a pair, if he s going to be my leading male This book picks up several weeks after the first one ended, with Beth waiting for Dominic to return Her new job brings her into contact with the enigmatic Andrei Dubrovski, who just happens to be Dominic s boss When Dominic and Beth are finally reunited, all in not plain sailing I thoroughly enjoyed this page turner, and particularly liked the introduction of characters like Andrei and Anna, Dominic s business assistant and Andrei s lover The intrigue adds spice to Beth and Dominic s story, as we wonder who is quite what they seem.I m looking forward to Promises after Dark and would highly recommend this trilogy It s probably for those who enjoy spice with their romance than for people looking for pure erotica, as there is a lot to the story than sex Highly enjoyable This is the second book in the After Dark series and this book is better then the first one I could not put this book down.The book starts six weeks on from where book one finished Beth has now got another job and sharing a flat with her best friend Laura Beth has not heard anything from Dominic Beth gets asked to acompany Mark her boss on a trip to France Beth jumps at the chance when she relise s its Andrei Dubrovki Dominic s boss Beth hopes she will get to see him and also find out why he has not been intouch.The characters are developed in this book and I loved both Beth and Dominic I did not like Andrei at all and the I read the book the I hated him but at the end I did start to warm to him I did not expect the book to take the turn it did and now I have to wait until February to know if Dominic and Beth can really have a future together I only wish I had come across these books after they had all been written and it is killing me having to wait for the next book So disappointed in this one..I absolutely loved the first in the series It was one of my fave s from this year So naturally I was excited for the second one I couldn t have been disappointed.To me it seemed that the two main characters Beth and Dominic had completely changed, I barely recognised them at all.Beth is working very much in the art world And boy did we know about it There were SO many references to art and in the end I was literally skimming pages because I just wasn t interested It took so much away from the original story.It was originally labeled BDSM and yet in this story, there was only talk of it happening in the past, nothing actually happened in that area.I was so so bored by the end of the book I just didn t care what happened and really still don t.I obviously hope Dominic and Beth end up together because I m all for a HAE but I m not excited to read it. Beth and Dominic embarked on the most intensely sexual and emotional relationship of their life in FIRE AFTER DARK the first novel in Sadie Matthews erotic romance series Now SECRETS AFTER DARK will take you one step closer to the bittersweet edge of passion the perfect read for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, Sylvia Day and Nikki Gemmell Ours was a love bound by powerFalling in love with Dominic changed me I relinquished myself completely and placed my heart and my trust in Dominic s hands, but in one exquisite, excruciating moment he abandoned his control Anguished by his actions, he has locked those darkest desires inside, unable to share my conviction that it would never happen again Now it s not only Dominic who craves that delicate, seductive game of give and take, of walking the line between pain and pleasure, abandon and release Persuading Dominic to let those secret parts of himself unravel will be the biggest risk I ve ever taken, but I can t resist Even if it means we fall apartProvocative and sophisticated, exhilarating and seductive, the AFTER DARK series is a compelling pleasure we should all indulge in

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  • Secrets After Dark (After Dark Book 2): Book Two in the After Dark series
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