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Game Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Player Data This book doesn t have an index I m sorry, but no serious non fiction book should be published without one. Developing A Successful Game In Today S Market Is A Challenging Endeavor Thousands Of Titles Are Published Yearly, All Competing For Players Time And Attention Game Analytics Has Emerged In The Past Few Years As One Of The Main Resources For Ensuring Game Quality, Maximizing Success, Understanding Player Behavior And Enhancing The Quality Of The Player Experience It Has Led To A Paradigm Shift In The Development And Design Strategies Of Digital Games, Bringing Data Driven Intelligence Practices Into The Fray For Informing Decision Making At Operational, Tactical And Strategic Levels Game Analytics Maximizing The Value Of Player Data Is The First Book On The Topic Of Game Analytics The Process Of Discovering And Communicating Patterns In Data Towards Evaluating And Driving Action, Improving Performance And Solving Problems In Game Development And Game Research Written By Over International Experts From Industry And Research, It Covers A Comprehensive Range Of Topics Across Than Chapters, Providing An In Depth Discussion Of Game Analytics And Its Practical ApplicationsTopics Covered Include Monetization Strategies, Design Of Telemetry Systems, Analytics For Iterative Production, Game Data Mining And Big Data In Game Development, Spatial Analytics, Visualization And Reporting Of Analysis, Player Behavior Analysis, Quantitative User Testing And Game User Research This State Of The Art Volume Is An Essential Source Of Reference For Game Developers And Researchers Key Takeaways Include Thorough Introduction To Game Analytics Covering Analytics Applied To Data On Players, Processes And Performance Throughout The Game LifecycleIn Depth Coverage And Advice On Setting Up Analytics Systems And Developing Good Practices For Integrating Analytics In Game Development And ManagementContributions By Leading Researchers And Experienced Professionals From The Industry, Including Ubisoft, Sony, EA, Bioware, Square Enix, THQ, Volition, And PlayableGames Interviews With Experienced Industry Professionals On How They Use Analytics To Create Hit Games This is an excellent book I reviewed almost every game analytics book printed and this is the very best one It s absurd that someone gave it two stars It s like giving a Ferrari two stars because of one minor detail This book contains all the info you need plus has interviews with experts from top gaming companies It s comprehensive, written well, and is easy to read. Not what I expected No analytics just unnecessary stories The book provides strong foundations for people interested in doing research on telemetry in video games It is a bit heavy on the academic side, but if you are interested in a thorough analysis of and essays on game metrics and analytics, this is your book.

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