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The Machine Gunners This book was an all time childhood favorite Military buffs like my younger self will find the setting particularly interesting, but this book will be enjoyed by a much broader audience It is a classic coming of age story that connects with an age old boyhood fantasy the desire to go out, build a fort, and fight bad guys all without one s parents It s kind of like a G rated and much plausible Red Dawn The book s message, over, is a wholesome one, celebrating adventurousness and independence and, at the same time, the safety and support that parents and other well meaning authorities can provide In sum, a true classic. Fast, efficient delivery Book is great, exactly as described Thank you This gripping book is the story of what happens when a group of teenagers in North East England take the Second World War into their own hands The great thing about this book is the authentic feel of it the boys and token girl have the same friendships and rivalries and difficulties at home and school as any teenager has, but this is all played out against a backdrop of bombing raids, death and destruction and the threat of imminent invasion This leads to a mix of excitement and emotion, as well as plenty of down to earth humour.The fact that the author grew up himself during the war lends the story much credibility, which is something lacking in some recent stories set in the war years.My only slight criticism is that reading the book was rather like watching an action packed film There were quick changes in terms of scenes and characters which could be confusing if you weren t paying attention Then again, I am not in the target group for the book.All in all it s a great story that touches on some very important themes Due to the realism, I probably wouldn t give this to children under 10, even those with an advanced reading age, but it s an excellent book for children of 10 or 11 upwards and makes a nice change from magic, superpowers, mutants, dystopia and other current teen book trends. This book Is simply a fantastic read for any age I read it as a child at school have read it many times since Never does it get boring you just want to keep on reading because The story is so wonderfully written the characters are so interesting There s nothing I don t like about it The Extra story after the end of the Book had me hooked I had never read it before as it Wasn t part of the version I grew up reading Well worth every penny Bravo The Machine Gunners is a classic Buy it read it now I read this as a kid and read it to my son Great story of kids in wartime and their unlikely affection for a downed German pilot who becomes their friend. Analyzing this story as an adult I might have taken the machine gun as an adventure minded young person, but thinking as an adult I would have retrieved the German airman s personal itemsand attempted to contact his family after WWII was over Thestory is well written, with accuracy in historical facts It wasnecessary to find fun activities under such adverse conditions.No one knew when they, or their neighbors would lose their lifeto a marauding German bomber or fighter plane targeting theirlocation I recommend this short story to those of all ages, whohave an interest in reliving a very humbling experience in worldhistory It certainly could have actually taken place in any areaof Britain that was under fire from the Luftwaffe. I read this book because my 9 year old grandson read it and loved it I wanted to be able to talk with him about it This is not my ideal subject matter but it was a good read. Bought this novel for a boy who likes history, particularly anything about WWII Well written for this age group. The Machine Gunners Book Review This is a review by my 10 year old son Synopsis The Machine Gunners book is about a young boy called Chas and his friends that all find a German bomber crashed in the woods and there they come across a machine gun and 2,000 rounds of ammo The children put in their own war effort shooting down German planes.Throughout the book, we see that Chas s attitude towards Germans changes and he sees that not all Germans are bad people and that some are like the British civilians, caught up in a war they did not start, or want Favourite CharacterPersonally my favourite character in this book is Clogger Clogger is a boy from Glasgow who became a good friend of Chas s throughout the book The main thing I like about Clogger is that he and I seem like we have a lot in common We both know how to stand up for ourselves Further we both have a thing for sport Least Favourite CharacterMy least favourite character is probably Boddser Brown Boddser is the bully of Chas s school When Boddser got in a fight with Chas, Chas owned him Boddser couldn t deal with being beaten so Chas abruptly became the bully of school If only Boddser could face the fact that he started the fight Favourite MomentMy favourite moment of the book is when Boddser Brown chases Chas to find out where he is keeping the machine gun Boddser tortures Chas, but Chas is not willing to give info Chas escapes half drowned and calls for Clogger to help him After that, Clogger comes to the rescue and starts to kick Boddser in the ribs But I think that he deserved it Critique Of The BookThe improvements I would suggest are that there are too many rude words and I don t find this amusing, other than that, I think the vocabulary in the book is brilliant and the story is extremely interesting ConclusionI think that this book is very well put together and I would definitely recommend it for readers doing the 11 as the vocabulary is good and I would read it again another day All 18 chapters of the book are very well written. Some bright kid s got a gun androunds of live ammo And that gun s no pea shooter It ll go through a brick wall at a quarter of a mileChas McGill has the second best collection of war souvenirs in Garmouth, and he desperately wants it to be the best When he stumbles across the remains of a German bomber crashed in the woods its shiny, black machine gun still intact he grabs his chance Soon he s masterminding his own war effort with dangerous and unexpected results The Machine Gunners is Robert Westall s gripping first novel for children set during World War Two and winner of the Carnegie Medal Now with a brilliant cover look celebrating its fortieth anniversary Includes a bonus short story The Haunting of Chas McGill and an extended biography of the author

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