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The Elite: The Story of Special Forces – From Ancient Sparta to the War on Terror Prompt service Great product To understand my review of The Elite The Story of Special Forces , you need to understand my take on the author Sir Ranulph Fiennes Had he been born 2500 years ago, we would be reading legends of his exploits and accomplishments today He d have been deified by our ancient cultures and his name would appear along side that of Achilles, Hercules, and Vali There would be great debate around his accomplishments, and scholars would argue about his very existence and the impossibility of his adventures He is, in the immortal words of Samuel L Jackson A Bad Motherf r.Which is a problem Like most demigods, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has a bit of an ego A well deserved one, but one that doesn t serve him well in this book He feels the need to compare every Special Forces to either his own experience, or the experiences of his forefathers The way he does this feels forced and not at all natural It detracts from the flow of the book and its stories.Which leads to the second problem The book is very provincial and omits several Elite organizations either because he had no ties either personally, professionally, or via his family to them, or because they didn t align with his world view.The table of contents serves as a list of the organizations he covers The ImmortalsThe SpartansThe Sacred Band of ThebesAlexander the Great and the Sogdian RockThe Roman Praetorian GuardThe Varangian GuardThe Knights Templar and the HospitalersThe AssassinsThe Mongol KheshigThe MamluksThe JanissariesThe LandsknechtsThe NinjaCromwell s New Model ArmyThe Dutch Marine CorpsThe British Light InfantryThe Iron BrigadeThe StormtroopersThe RAFThe CommandosHitler s BrandenburgersThe ParatroopersThe SASThe Green BeretsThe US Navy SEALSLooking over the list, there are some very surprising omissions The Gurkha s, the Lovat Scouts, Rogers Rangers, the Chasseurs, the French Sappers, the US Marine Corp in WWI Teufelshunde , 1st Special Service Devil s Brigade , Merrill s Marauders, the Finish Kaukopartio, and the Spetsnaz do not make an appearance despite meeting Sir Fiennes definition of what makes a fighting force elite.A point that I found particularly irritating, was the chapter on the Paratroopers He writes about German paratroopers and he writes about British paratroopers, but makes no mention of American or the Japaneseparatroopers.Which is disappointing, because what is there is well researched and other than the jarring switches to personal narratives, flows well, with each chapter moving to the next with context and historical flow well, other than the chapter on the Ninjas, which made an appearance as jarring as his personal accounts There is a great attention to detail, its well written and the Audible version is well narrated , and the Kindle version avoids some of the common formatting errors you see in Kindle books. Gift Riveting Stuff Through The Prism Of His Experience Of The Military Elite, Fiennes Presents A Dazzling History Of The Worlds Best Fighting Units To Amaze And Enthral The Reader.Damien Lewis, Bestselling Author OfZero Six Bravo Inspired By The Heroic War Time Escapades Of His Father, As Well As Drawing On His Own Experiences In The Special Forces, Acclaimed Adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes Thrillingly Explores The History Of Elite Military Units, From Ancient Sparta To The War On Terror The Best Of The Best, These Elite Units Have Frequently Been Immortalised On The Big Screen, And In Computer Games, For Their Daring Deeds Whether It Be Fighting On The Battlefield, Storming Forts And Castles, Rescuing Hostages, High Stakes Reconnaissance Missions Or The Dramatic Assassination Of Enemy Leaders, These Are The Men Who Are Relied Upon To Undertake Dangerous Missions Of The Highest Stakes While Celebrating The Heroics Of Groups Such As The SAS And Navy Seals, Sir Ranulph Also Reveals The True Stories Of Infamous Organisations Such As The Assassins And Templar Knights Uncovering Their Origins, And Examining Their Weapons And Tactics, Sir Ranulph Showcases These Units Most Famous Missions, And Reveals The Men Behind Them Showing Incredible Courage, Often In The Face Of Impossible Odds, These Units Have Also Changed The Course Of History Along The Way Sir Ranulph Discusses The Reasons Behind Their Success And Failures, With Many Notorious Conflicts Often Being Decided By These Elite Units Facing Off Against Each Other, With The Victor Not Only Evolving Warfare, But Also Consigning Their Opponent To History While These Units Traditionally Prefer To Operate In The Shadows, Sir Ranulph Brings Their Remarkable Histories To The Fore, Told With His Trademark Ability To Weave A Story Which Has Seen Him Become One Of Britains Most Beloved Bestselling Authors.

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