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Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Business (Cambridge Technicals 2016) Exam Board CambridgeLevel KS4Subject BusinessFirst Teaching September 2016First Exam June 2017Support Your Teaching Of The New Cambridge Technicals 2016 Suite With Cambridge Technical Level 3 Business, Developed In Partnership Between OCR And Hodder Education This Textbook Covers Each Specialist Pathway And Ensures Your Ability To Deliver A Flexible Course That Is Both Vocationally Focused And Academically Thorough.Cambridge Technical Level 3 Business Is Matched Exactly To The New Specification And Follows Specialist Pathways In Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting And Business Planning Ensures Effective Teaching Of Each Specialist Pathway Offered Within The Qualification Focuses Learning On The Skills, Knowledge And Understanding Demanded From Employers And Universities Provides Ideas And Exercises For The Application Of Practical Skills And Knowledge Developed In Partnership Between Hodder Education And OCR, Guaranteeing Quality Resources Which Match The Specification Perfectly

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    Well worth buying my son was able to understand the course before September which helps himThe book is a good resource

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    Colourful,useful and very good for the CTEC Level 3 Course for OCR.

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    Brought for my daughter

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    it s clear, easy to understand and worth the money if you want to pass.

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    Perfect for school

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    Delivered as promised

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