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Soccermatics: Mathematical Adventures in the Beautiful Game (Bloomsbury Sigma) Football Looked At In A Very Different Way Pat Nevin, Former Chelsea And Everton Star And Football Media AnalystFootball The Most Mathematical Of Sports From Shot Statistics And League Tables To The Geometry Of Passing And Managerial Strategy, The Modern Game Is Filled With Numbers, Patterns And Shapes How Do We Make Sense Of Them The Answer Lies In The Mathematical Models Applied In Biology, Physics And Economics Soccermatics Brings Football And Mathematics Together In A Mind Bending Synthesis, Using Numbers To Help Reveal The Inner Workings Of The Beautiful GameHow Is The Barcelona Midfield Linked Geometrically What S The Similarity Between An Ant Colony And Total Football, Dutch Style What Can Defenders Learn From Lionesses How Much Of A Scoreline Is Pure Randomness And How Much Is Skill How Can Probability Theory Make You Money At The Bookies Welcome To The World Of Mathematical Modelling, Expressed Brilliantly By David Sumpter Through The Prism Of Football No Matter Who You Follow From Your Local Non League Side To The Big Boys Of The Premiership, La Liga, The Bundesliga, Serie A Or The MLS You Ll Be Amazed At What Mathematics Has To Teach Us About The World S Favourite Sport

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    Soccer and stats is something that I ve taken an interest in personally and have spent some time working with data from both Prozone and Opta I was interested to read this book and understand other approaches used with similar data sets that I had been working and read it with an open mind One of the main flaws for me was in David Sumpter s use of

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    I m a great lover of mathematics and its real world applications Having read Soccernomics, I was drawn to this and I ve loved every page The language isn t too technical and all the concepts described are easy to understand I d definitely recommend this to anyone interested in either football or mathematics or, like me, both.

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    Many statistics I ve talked about with friends Fastest book I ve read this year,impossible to put down Even managed to make a few quid from the betting ideas Recommend to anyone looking for some insight into our beautiful game.

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    I ve read a lot of books on statistical analysis in sports This is the first one I have about football that actually describes the mathematical models used.There are also good anecdotes and quotes from players and managers There s even a couple of chapters where the author attempts to beat the betting market.I really liked it, but I enjoy numbers and do my own analysis as a hob

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    Really interesting read and Sumpter manages to strike the balance between explaining his reasoning and not going into too much detail for people who haven t studied maths at a higher level And if the maths does interest you there are further explanations and links in the appendix.Would recommend to any fan of the game, not just football nerds.

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    Each section essentially takes a mathematical approach to looking at different aspects of football, from formations to betting A really interesting take and very fun to read

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    Interesting read, I did get a little bored in parts but worth a read overall I don t think stats and maths will ever truly dominate football tactics, but def place for it It should remain of an art than a science.

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    Surprisingly good The author brings insight from a lot of branches of maths graph theory, probability, optimizationvery interesting and never pompous.

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