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I, Zombie WARNING NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION This Book Contains Foul Language And Fouler Descriptions Of Life As A Zombie It Will Offend Most Anyone, So Proceed With Caution Or Not At All And Be Forewarned This Is Not A Zombie Book This Is A Different Sort Of Tale It Is A Story About The Unfortunate, About Those Who Did Not Get Away It Is A Human Story At Its Rotten Heart It Is The Reason We Can T Stop Obsessing About These Creatures, In Whom We See All Too Much Of Ourselves

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    I m in two minds about this book On the one hand it turns the Zombie novel on its head being written as several parallel threads each one a sort of week in the life of a zombie On the other, it was one of those novels that didn t seem to have a really meaty plot, focusing on the immediate dilemmas of each undead protagonist In that sense I suppose

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    I just happened upon this book whilst browsing and downloaded it on a whim So glad I did because I absolutely love this book.I was just saying a couple of weeks ago that I m sort of getting tired of this zombie thing But this story isn t anything at all like the movies I ve seen As other reviewers have said, this story is told from the point of view of

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    After reading zombie novels obsessively for a while, I thought that I was done with the genre The only reason I bought this book was because it was by an author that I already liked I m glad that I did decide to read it.It doesn t have a main plot that ties all the characters together, but rather focuses on each character s backgrounds, thoughts and feeling

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    Reading Hugh Howie is a roadblock to the start out novelist This man has ideas that put the imaginative to shame This story is first and foremost a zombie horrorbut my godit s so much The pain, angst, horror, sadness that the reader goes thoughthe freshness that he adds to what has become a tired and worn genre The idea that a creature that we have never had any

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    This is a lot gutsy in many ways than most of the other books that I have read by this author and feels a lot mature in style That said, as I have come to expect from this source it is imaginative and provides quite a few unexpected thought experiments and unusual perspectives Few of us have speculated on zombie poo yes unfortunately I have, but from a purely scient

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