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Fractions, Decimals, & Percents Math Workbook (Includes Repeating Decimals): Improve Your Math Fluency Series: Volume 17 AUTHOR Chris McMullen Earned His PhD In Physics From Oklahoma State University And Currently Teaches Physics At Northwestern State University Of Louisiana He Developed The Improve Your Math Fluency Series Of Workbooks To Help Students Become Fluent In Basic Math SkillsACTICE This Is A Practice Workbook Geared Toward Practicing Problem Solving Skills As Such, It Consists Of Worksheets With Practice Problems In The Spirit Of Old Fashioned Practice Sheets This Is Suitable For Students Who Need To Practice Basic Skills, And Is Effective For Many Students It Is Not One Of The Modern Math Textbooks That Are Designed To Entertain Bored StudentsEXAMPLES The Book Begins With A Concise Explanation Of The Concepts With Some Examples To Serve As A GuideSWERS An Answer Section At The Back Provides A Complete Answer Key It S Important For Students To Practice Solving Problems Correctly, Otherwise They Will Practice Their Mistakes Students, Parents, Or Teachers Should Use The Answer Key To Help Students Check Their AnswersNTENTS This Practice Book Is Designed To Help Students Develop Proficiency In Their Conversions Between Fractions, Decimals, And Percentages By Offering Ample Practice This Book Is Conveniently Divided Up Into Five Parts Such That Students Can Focus On One Arithmetic Operation At A Time Converting From Fractions To Decimals And PercentsConverting From Decimals To Fractions And PercentsConverting From Percents To Fractions And DecimalsConverting Fractions Into Repeating Decimals And PercentsConverting Repeating Decimals Into Fractions And PercentsThis Helps Students Develop Confidence And Ensures That Students Practice Correct Techniques, Rather Than Practice Making MistakesAn Introduction Describes How Parents And Teachers Can Help Students Make The Most Of This WorkbookOTOCOPIES The Copyright Notice Permits Parents Teachers Who Purchase One Copy Or Borrow One Copy From A Library To Make Photocopies For Their Own Children Students Only This Is Very Convenient If You Have Multiple Children Students Or If A Child Student Needs Additional PracticeORING Kids Are Encouraged To Time And Score Each Page In This Way, They Can Try To Have Fun Improving On Their Records, Which Can Help Lend Them Confidence In Their Math Skills This is great repetitive way of learning and practise for exams and even for parents to sit with their child ren and spend time together and make learning fun. Fab great thanks just what I wanted Great for kids or us adult dumbos that know diddly squat about fractions Would recommend but for kids

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