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Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World The Instant Sunday Times Top Ten And New York Times BestsellerSHORTLISTED FOR THE FINANCIAL TIMES MCKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD I Loved Range Malcolm Gladwell It S A Joy To Spend Hours In The Company Of A Writer As Gifted As David Epstein Susan Cain, Bestselling Author Of Quiet A Goldmine Of Surprising Insights Makes You Smarter With Every Page James Clear, Bestselling Author Of Atomic Habits Urgent And Important An Essential Read For Bosses, Parents, Coaches, And Anyone Who Cares About Improving Performance Daniel H PinkA Powerful Argument For How To Succeed In Any Field Develop Broad Interests And Skills While Everyone Around You Is Rushing To Specialize From The , Hours Rule To The Power Of Tiger Parenting, We Have Been Taught That Success In Any Field Requires Early Specialization And Many Hours Of Deliberate Practice And, Worse, That If You Dabble Or Delay, You Ll Never Catch Up With Those Who Got A Head Start This Is Completely WrongIn This Landmark Book, David Epstein Shows You That The Way To Succeed Is By Sampling Widely, Gaining A Breadth Of Experiences, Taking Detours, Experimenting Relentlessly, Juggling Many Interests In Other Words, By Developing RangeStudying The World S Most Successful Athletes, Artists, Musicians, Inventors And Scientists, Epstein Demonstrates Why In Most Fields Especially Those That Are Complex And Unpredictable Generalists, Not Specialists Are Primed To Excel No Matter What You Do, Where You Are In Life, Whether You Are A Teacher, Student, Scientist, Business Analyst, Parent, Job Hunter, Retiree, You Will See The World Differently After You Ve Read Range You Ll Understand Better How We Solve Problems, How We Learn And How We Succeed You Ll See Why Failing A Test Is The Best Way To Learn And Why Frequent Quitters End Up With The Most Fulfilling Careers As Experts Silo Themselves Further While Computers Master Of The Skills Once Reserved For Highly Focused Humans, Range Shows How People Who Think Broadly And Embrace Diverse Experiences And Perspectives Will Increasingly Thrive And Why Spreading Your Knowledge Across Multiple Domains Is The Key To Your Success, And How To Achieve It

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    These sorts of populist pseudo science books invariably race along and carry you with them until you are pulled up by a fact that you happen to know isn t true David Epstein s somewhat counter intuitive notion that generalists triumph over specia

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    What s the difference between Roger Federer and Tiger Woods Epstein describes their background and training, all the way to their present day status and concluded that Tiger Woods path was an unwavering specialization whereas Federer is that of a relaxed,

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    I am a generalist and this book is a pleasant difference from the jack of all trades thinking that many people see It s a well written and thorough view of why having a breadth of skills, knowledge and experience can be valuable It was a very encouraging and enjoyab

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    The idea that deep and early specialisation is necessary for attainment had made its way everywhere, including the idea that enjoyment comes from mastery exhortations to immerse ourselves in deliberate practice Tiger mums, ping pong champions, the ever present Polgar sister s

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    Every parent should read this book Every person who feels they ve started late or perhaps haven t started yetnothing is comparable, other than to your own experiences, and your next discovery It makes for an exciting and curiosity filled life.

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    Fantastic book interesting point that society values specialists traditionally, but not generalists The moral that I took from it is that it s ok to be a generalist even though society doesn t normally recognize that, and also the world needs both specialists and generalists to progress Speciali

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    If you re at all worried about being a generalist, rather than a specialist, then relax It s all going to be ok This is an enjoyable romp through all things broad thinking

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    I was encouraged by the early chapters, first 80 pages or so, it kept to the point of the title and gave good examples.Unfortunately at around 100 pages or so Chapter 5 or thereabouts the quality of writing deteriorated significantly with normal conventions on grammar and punctuation seemingly ignored I gave up soo

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