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40 Paradoxes in Logic, Probability, and Game Theory This Book Contains Delightful Paradoxes Here Is A Small Sampling LOGIC Is It Ever Right To Ask The Question May I Disturb You The Very Act Of Asking Will Disturb The Person And Yet, I Simply Can T Know If It S Correct To Ask The Question Unless I Actually Ask The Question PROBABILITY In , The College Football Team USC Was Ranked As Th In The Harris Poll, Th In The USA Today Poll, And Th In The Computer Rankings And Yet, When The Three Polls Were Averaged, USC Ended Up As Being Ranked As The Th Best Team Overall How Is That Possible GAME THEORY You Play Game A That Is A Losing Bet You Also Play Game B That Is A Losing Bet Yet When You Play Games A And B Alternately That Is A Winning Bet How Can Two Losing Games Combine To Make A Winning Game Brilliant content to supplement general maths and logical thinking.The actual book quality on the other hand is a bit lower than expected.However, it is the content what matters so superb read Would recommend for a logicial person very interesting and entairteining The book describes paradoxes of many kinds Some paradoxes are of hypothetical or philosophical nature, while others are strange and surprising results that actually occurred in real life Such is the Simpson s paradox, demonstrated in the book using American college football ranking, or the Braess paradox, which shows that opening a new road can increase traffic jams, instead of decreasing them a phenomenon believed to have occurred in major cities.Along the way the book touches on many fields and domains There are historical anecdotes e.g., a 1964 U.S supreme court ruling offering a paradoxical distinction between art and pornography , concepts and methods from economics, decision theory, geometry, and probability.Everything is described in a simple, engaging way, and no special prior knowledge is assumed.

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