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3 Months to No.1: The "No-Nonsense" SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google I knew SEO or thought I did till I read this book by Will Coombe The simplicity with which the concepts were laid out, the sequence of chapters that unfolded one by one, and the LOGIC of the whole method, course corrected a lot of my assumptions about SEO I now realize that with the right teacher and the right book, a subject that seemed daunting becomes uber easy to understand if you understand the underlying logic.The chapter I found most useful to me was the Anatomy of an SEO Campaign It was the moment on which the whole understanding of the subject turned for me.Overall, this book has now become my mini Bible for all things SEO In this age of information overload, you can t thank someone enough for separating the wheat from the chaff Thanks Will Coombe This is one great book What Can You Expect From This Book Learn The SEO Tactics That Saw One Airline Pilot Quit His Flying Career The Same Ones He Used To Build A Top SEO Agency In London Years And How You Too Can Leverage His Years Of Experience Getting Clients Websites To The Very Top Of GoogleHe May Have Hung Up His Wings, But Will S Years Of Experience Making Technical Jargon Easily Accessible To Anyone Who Entered His Cockpit Is Put To Good Use In Months To No Learn Take Action Get Results A Carefully Curated SEO Guide For OnwardsThis Book Doesn T Hold Secrets You Can T Find Scattered Throughout The Internet Instead, It Cuts Through The Noise And Guides You To The Ultimate Return On Time Investment For SEO It Tells You What To Focus On And When Months To Nofinally Gives You A Step By Step Playbook One With The Fresh And Down To Earth Approach Of Someone Who Came From No Background In SEO Or Digital Marketing At AllHow High Will Your Revenue Go In Weeks You Ll Discover Online Marketing Personal Advice For Your Business How To Uncover Money Making Keywords Configuring WordPress For SEO Success How To Nail The Technical Elements How To Win Links A Crash Course In Content Marketing Social Media Account Use Finally SEO If You Re A Local Business ECommerce SEO Inc Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce Google Penalty Diagnosis Avoidance Why It S Quicker To Go White Hat And Not Try To Cheat Google Grab A Copy Now I wish I had come across this book when I first decided to start my business three years ago I have spent money on other SEO books, signed up to webinars claiming to help rank my website higher but this book is on a completely different level.The author is honest and authentic which was just what I was looking for If your serious about taking your business to the next level and want to know exactly what you need to do to create a strong SEO campaign for your website then this is the book for you There is a lot of work involved and no quick fixes but this book shows you, step by step what you need to do to improve the SEO on your website for it to rank high on google and start bringing in a revenue for you There are demonstration videos to look at too, it honestly is the book that keeps on giving This is the best money I have spent on my future and business in a long time. I am a small start up owner Having got my website developed, I was looking to get SEO for my website as a next logical step Being a novice, initially I was looking for some professional help So spoke to quite a few, so called, professional SEO experts And, to be honest, the people I spoke to the confused I was getting As I knew that there was not too much competition in the city for the kind of local services I am offering, I was quite confident that SEO should not be as difficult as these SEO experts wanted me to believe I decided to take DIY route to do SEO myself At this stage I bought this book And I believe that 13 of investment turned out to be the best investment I ever made for my website I just started tuning my website based on the SEO fundamentals provided in the book I also started monitoring ranking of my website for six key keywords On day 1 ranking of the website was between 54 to 198 for those six keywords After six days the ranking improved to 15 to 27 for same set of keywords And on day 12 the website was on the first page with ranking between 6 to 8 And once the ranking reached on the 1st page I started getting phone calls generated through the web search I also got my first order through organic search at that time Today it s been two and a half months since I started SEO Now my website appears between 2 to 6 ranks for those keywords Ist rank is of a big corporate which i don t think I can ever beat But needless to say I am quite happy with the overall results Thanks to No non sense SEO playbook by Will Coombe I m a novice when it comes to SEO Have dabbled a bit in terms of reading blogs and watching YouTube videos but could never quite grasp the principles to then apply it.Will s book is different.He takes the time to not only explain the what of SEO but the why That s really important when it comes to applying what he covers If you skim read you ll likely to miss bits of information that cements what you need to do.For example using Google ad word planner is useful for finding keywords But it s not just about volume Take your keyword planning to another level and use another tool to help work out the revenue opportunities of your chosen keywords And he gives you an ROI calculation to help you work out how valuable SEO could be for your business.I m only half way through so l can t yet comment if this book has helped me get to number 1 hence 4 but l to definitely update in 3 months time and let you know how it s worked for me.Good book, easy to follow, simple language, honest and super helpful Thanks Will

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