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In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive Clementine continues to rip your heart out, show all the perfections and flaws, then gently place it back inside your chest. I m a fan of Clementine s work and while I ve liked other collections , this was still great. i m very picky about poetry, so i m always worried buying poetry books i loved this one made me cry, which is almost always the mark of a good book haha I ve read this book so many times already and still get chills when I reread certain poems It s that good When the words speak to you and you can relate, it s hard not to love something Highly recommend This book is beautifully written Def one of my favorite poetry books Clementine Von Radics is wonderful. I honestly love everything Clementine von Radics writes It speaks to me on so many levels. She never dissappoints I am so happy to have this book, I actually met Clementine a few months back at a reading and she was so wonderful powerful This book is everything youd expect it to be beautiful, thoughtful, clear and unmistakeable I have been saving money recently but I just HAD to buy this book for my mental health and it has helped tremendously. A lyrical poet, Clementine von Radics presents In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive,acollection of brutally honest, uncut poetry that lends itself to the powerful anthem of survival This collection bravely explores life at its darkest and most inspiring momentsdrawing on central themes of love, loss, mental health, and abuse An attempt to understand and to be understood, In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive is an ode to vulnerability that delivers concentrated, thought provoking, and earnest verse

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