Women's Lives and Clothes in WW2: Ready for Action eBook

  • Kindle Edition
  • Women's Lives and Clothes in WW2: Ready for Action
  • Lucy Adlington
  • 24 October 2018
  • 1526712342

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Women's Lives and Clothes in WW2: Ready for ActionExhaustively researched and very comprehensive, author Adlington explores every aspect of life for women during World War II Rather than focusing only one area e.g., British or American lives, the book explores many diverse and interesting cultures, from Japan to New Zealand, Alaska to India.The book contains 20 chapters, each covering various aspects of 1940s life Topics as diverse as rationing and couture houses, black market and industrial work, maritime and leisure activities, cosmetics and maternity wear, weddings and agricultural work are covered Although fashion plays a large part of the book, it is only one aspect of women s lives discussed.Every chapters is lavishly illustrated whether a personal photograph, magazine cover, personal notebook, studio images of vintage items, advertisements, pamphlets, drawings, and There is so much to see, all coming from so many different cultures There is clearly a lot of work put into the writing and presentation of this book and what could only be arising from a personal collection over many years by the author.Great for research or for those curious about the lives of our relatives during World War II, this is an extremely well done and comprehensive study of the era Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher. What would you wear to war How would you dress for a winter mission in the open cockpit of a Russian bomber plane At a fashion show in Occupied Paris Singing in Harlem, or on fire watch in Tokyo Women s Lives and Clothes in WW2 is a unique, illustrated insight into the experiences of women worldwide during World War Two and its aftermath The history of ten tumultuous years is reflected in clothes, fashion, accessories and uniforms As housewives, fighters, fashion designers or spies, women dressed the part when they took up their wartime roles Attractive to a general reader as well as interesting to a specialist, Women s Lives and Clothes in WW2 focuses on the experiences of British women, then expands to encompass every continent affected by war Woven through all cultures and countries are common threads of service, survival, resistance and emotion Historian Lucy Adlington draws on interviews with wartime women, as well as her own archives and costume collection Well known names and famous exploits are featured and many never before told stories of quiet heroism You ll indulge in luxury fashion, bridal ensembles and enticing lingerie, as well as thrifty make do and mend You ll learn which essential garments to wear when enduring a bomb raid and how a few scraps of clothing will keep you feeling human in a concentration camp Women s Lives and Clothes in WW2 is richly illustrated throughout, with many previously unpublished photographs, 1940s costumes and fabulous fashion images History has never been better dressed. I really enjoyed reading this book I learned a lot The author has done a lot of research and presents it in a clear organized manner Each chapter centers on one aspect of women s lives during World War II The author draws on first hand accounts of life during the war It was fascinating to read about the importance clothes during the war and how they made do during the trying times This book is far than just a fashion history There are lots of wonderful illustrations and photographs that accompany the text Enjoy this informative look at the lives of women during Wartime Women s Lives and Clothes in WWII by Lucy Adlington is free NetGalley ebook that I read in late September.Activities on the homefront and in military service around the world, like making do, keeping tidy, caring for and protecting loved ones, working at a factory or in the outdoors, rise of synthetic fabric materials, pants, and trousers, importing and exporting garments mostly for tourist souvenirs , as well as budget friendly fancy dress and makeup.