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Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time This Beautiful, Simple Book Suggests Tiny Changes We Can Make To Improve All Areas Of Life, From Friendships To A Cluttered Flat Marianne Power, Author Of Help Me A Gorgeously Illustrated Introduction To The Japanese Method Of Kaizen Meaning Change Good Showing You How To Make Small, Step By Step Changes To Transform Your LifeFrom Marie Kondo To Hygge To Ikigai, In Recent Years, Philosophies To Help People Live Better Lives Have Taken The World By Storm Kaizen Will Change Your Habits For GoodThis Beautifully Colour Illustrated And Photographed Book Offers A Way To Build Good Habits And Remove Bad Ones, Without Being Too Hard On Yourself Along The Way The Focus Is On Having Patience, Shaping Solutions For Yourself Rather Than Following Others And Not Giving Up When Things Aren T Working Rather Than Being Critical Of Your Faults, The Emphasis Is On Mindful, Positive Change Well Known In The Business And Sports Worlds As A Method For Mapping Incremental Goals, Kaizen Is Also A Wonderful Tool For Slowly Improving Aspects Of Your Life, Without Feeling Daunted Or Overwhelmed By The Challenge Kaizen By Sarah Harvey Brings You A Personalized And Flexible Approach To Change That You Can Apply To Any Area Of Your Life Whether It Is Health, Relationships, Money, Career, Habits, New Hobbies Or General Wellbeing You Can Adapt It To Suit Working Style, Preferences And Personality Every Person S Experience Of Kaizen Will Be Different, Which Is What Makes It Such An Effective Tool For Positive Change

8 thoughts on “Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time

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    What a beautiful book It s written in such an engaging way, with great workable advice I love that it comes from Sarah s own experiences I m already applying some ideas

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    Really enjoyed reading this book, very engaging and beautifully illustrated I ll definitely be applying some of the kaizen method to every day life

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    Perfect. I love this philosophy

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    Beautiful book with simple yet powerful advice Lovely to dip in and out of.

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    As someone feeling overwhelmed by a fairly extensive home project , thus book is invaluable to change mindset Breaking everything down into bite sized chunks makes it easier to plan and control.

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    It seems like every month there s a new Japanese philosophy that can be applied to our lives There s been Wabi Sabi, Ikigai, Forest Bathing, Kintsugi, Chowa and Marie Kondo s world conquering tidiness techniques You d think at some point, Japan would run out

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    This is a gem of a book Really well written and beautifully illustrated It contains such realistic sound advice about changing habits in your life Too often such books do not have a clue about the reality of trying to change It s difficult, which the author rightly ac

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    A very clear and well explained work that oozes warmth and empathy It encouraged me to put theory into practise and I have greatly benefited from my new lifestyle Give it a go. what have you to lose apart from bad habits

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