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Enough?: How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest of Your Life? How Much Money Do You Really Need For The Rest Of Your Life Research Shows That The Majority Of People Have No Idea Where They Are Heading Financially They May Have Assets, Investments, And Or High Levels Of Income, But Most People Have No Idea What It All Means, Or What Sort Of Financial Future Awaits Them What We All Need To Know Is How Much Is ENOUGH How Much Money Do I Need For The Rest Of My Life This Book Helps You Discover How Much Is Enough For YOU Having An Insight Into How Much We Actually Need Can Be Enlightening It Can Put You In Control Knowing How Much Is ENOUGH Will Give You The Freedom To Live Your Life Smarter After All, Life Is Not A Rehearsal, It Needs To Be Lived To The Max Paul Introduces You To The Concept Of Lifestyle Financial Planning A Way To Help You Find This Freedom Using Simple Step By Step Instructions This Book Will Guide You Through The Process Of Developing Your Own Financial Plan Written In An Inspiring, Simple, Non Jargon Style, You Ll Find This Book Easy To Read From Cover To Cover, And By The End Of It You Might Know About Good Financial Planning Than Many Financial Advisers

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    I have often wondered how folks arrive at retirement and beyond by just putting money away and hoping for the best Surely it would be better to plan your retirement, rather than just throwing 4 5 or 6 percent of your earnings at your pension or Isa s

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    Nothing but common sense is my headline for the right reasons This book is one of the most sensible easy reads I have ever read that was written by a financial planner.I would suggest anybody interested in their financial future should buy and read this book 3

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    Some good fundamentals about financial planning, which do make you think However these could have been summarised in a few pages.The whole book is written in a quite irritating style pretty much every sentence has some words in CAPITALS for no good reason and ends with

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    I was very disappointed in this book I was hoping the author would be telling me the answers to the question posed, but all he wanted to do was signpost me to his website where he could sell me his product Just like he said he wouldn t do.

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    One life live it At last a no jargon book that goes to the heart of why we all need a proper financial plan The bucket concept really drives it home Paul gives us the confidence to transform our lives whichever one of the three types of people we are Well done Paul for writing a clear, con

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    A great book for DIY planners or people who like to really understand what to look for when seeking help.This book provides a step by step guide to cut through all the noise and overwhelm which often leads to people doing nothing.Great analogy with going to a gym, you don t go once and keep fit, it

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    Whether you have got too much, are just right or do not have enough, Paul s simple tips and conversational style will give you the confidence to start planning your finances An essential read to make a difference to your future Life is not a rehearsal after all

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    Finally A book that gets to the heart of what is important when talking about money Forget about products, jargon and sales patter, what actually matters How much do I need and what do I need to do to get it.If everyone read this book the financial services industry would be rocked to its foundations, and rightly so We

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