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Diwali (Celebrate the World) Learn all about the traditions of Diwali with this third book in the delightful board book series Celebrate the World, which highlights special occasions and holidays across the globeEach autumn we gather with our friends and family and light our brightest lanterns Its time for Diwali, the festival of lights In this lovely board book with illustrations from Archana Sreenivasan, readers learn that the five days of Diwali are a time to pray for a bountiful season, celebrate the special bonds between siblings, and rejoice in the victory of light over darkness and good over evil

  • Kindle
  • Diwali (Celebrate the World)
  • Hannah Eliot
  • English
  • 14 March 2019
  • 153441990X

About the Author: Hannah Eliot

Hannah Eliot is a childrens book editor who lives in Manhattan, New York Her favorite activities include editing of course , writing, painting, and doodling all over every piece of notebook paper she uses

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