Steamy Shorts 3: A collection of Steampunk and Science

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Steamy Shorts 3: A collection of Steampunk and Science Fiction Erotica short fiction: Volume 3 Welcome to the world of Jean Ecrivain s erotica short stories Covering the range of erotica sub genres and usually set in a world of Steampunk, Science Fiction, or Fantasy in a collection of short tales on frequently taboo subjects The stories are hot, adult erotica and often include BDSM, menage, and alternative sexual themes Most of the stories involve strong women who take control of their own sexuality The stories are usually about , words longpages and include a romance story as well as the hot sex and steampunk, SF, or fantasy setting In this collection of five erotic short stories for women and their men areMaids in Steam Originally called Steamy Shorts this was the story that launched this seriesWhat happens when poor Lord James orders a clockwork maid to help him with some very personal problems She s very well designed And she s very good at her job There s only one problem The machine has a secret MF,D S,BDSM,steampunk eroticaEgg Timer Janet just can t settle for her lot in life She knows she s a better engineer than Professor V But she s a woman and the closest she ll get to machinery is the Professor s typewriter That is until she steals his time machine FMMM, MF, Menage, dinosaur sex, steampunk erotica, science fiction eroticaBad Genie Hassan has been a very bad genie He s been getting too touchy feelie with his customers Unfortunately, he s married to the best swordswoman in the Fairie Faire And she knows exactly how to make him toe the line MF, BDSM, fantasy erotica, paranormal eroticaThe Kinky Sex Guide Cee Jay really hates when her editor asks her to write an article for the company newsletter And this one is going to be a doozy The shy, retiring, sexy author has to interview Ian Smytheson, rich, handsome, sophisticated, and the master of the local sex club He s going to introduce Cee Jay to everything his club offers And if Cee Jay gets her way, that means everything MF, BDSMUnderhill This is the first chapter of the second book in the Chasing Fae Romance series Sarah has agreed to join Robin as hostess of a party in his Fairie castle But first, they have to ride through Underhill When Robin tries to relieve Sarah s aches and pains from riding, Sarah decides to take Robin for a different kind of ride and find a different kind of relief MF, BDSM references, fantasy erotica, paranormal erotica WARNING This book contains adult themes and situations including graphic language, bondage, BDSM , sex slaves, BDSMxxx, domination, submission, XXX situations, lesbianism, threesomes, and rough sex Intended for the entertainment of adults over the age ofonly