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The Big Book of Serial Killers I ve recommended this to all my blog followers, Instagram followers, twitter followers and friends and family that love true crime It s a thick book chock full of information As a true crime lover, blogger and forensic psychology student I also found this so helpful. If you like true crime then you should enjoy this book What can you ask for 150 serial killers all in one place the majority you will have heard off but there are some you won t know at all. I love how you write clearly the killer s name, DOB, aliases, dates of murders, their victims etc It gives the reader a clear understanding of who they were and what they did for if the reader only had time for a short read Also for someone like myself who has AS, it means its easier for it to be processed as it is blunt and precise straight to the point and just visually spaced out to meet the visual requirements.I think how you add the trivia parts in on some of the killers and their actual quotes is great, it gives the sence of this being real something which does happen in life and not just fiction. If you just want a list of serial killers, with dates and victims, then this is good Think pub quiz info However it lists the victims on each one at the beginning of each chapter and then again at the end Doesn t give much insight into the killers mind and the grammar is similar to what s expected at high school level Much repetition within chapters but no consistency on structure throughout. This is largely an enclylopedia of serial killers, it lists the time frame, dates and names of victims where known and a brief bio of the killer, it gives you a starting point.If you want a narrative of each killer this book is not for you but it gives you a lot of things to research on your own. First of all this book is really massive It was bought as a present but I had a quick glance before I gift wrapped it.It appears that the book is almost scientific, there is not too many photos drawings, it actually goes into quite a bit of detail I think it will be great for my friend who is studying psychology and has an interest in all things macabre There Is Little Terrifying Than Those Who Hunt, Stalk And Snatch Their Prey Under The Cloak Of Darkness These Hunters Search Not For Animals, But For The Touch, Taste, And Empowerment Of Human Flesh They Are Cannibals, Vampires And Monsters, And They Walk Among UsThese Serial Killers Are Not Mythical Beasts With Horns And Shaggy Hair They Are People Living Among Society, Going About Their Day To Day Activities Until Nightfall They Are The Dennis Raders, The Fathers, Husbands, Church Going Members Of The CommunityThis A Z Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers Is The Ideal Reference Book Included Are The Most Famous True Crime Serial Killers, Like Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, And Richard Ramirez, And Not To Mention The Women Who Kill, Such As Aileen Wuornos And Martha Rendell There Are Also Lesser Known Serial Killers, Covering Many Countries Around The World, So The Range Is BroadEach Of The Serial Killer Files Includes Information On When And How They Killed The Victims, The Background Of Each Killer, Or The Suspects In Some Cases Such As The Zodiac Killer, Their Trials And Punishments For Some There Are Chilling Quotes By The Killers Themselves The Big Book Of Serial Killers Is An Easy To Follow Collection Of Information On The Worlds Most Heinous Murderers Excellent book Gets straight to the point and a chapter for each killer Easy to dip in and out of Up to date and even gives an overview of where the killers are now.

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