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Digital Video for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Great Home Movies (Lark Photography Book) This book works carefully through the techniques for making home movies you ll want to watch than once and importantly that other people will want to watch at all It steers you away from poor technique hand held panning for example and recommends what equipment you should use not specifics though so it won t date.I still refer back to it often before getting onto the next project My sister in law still shows her wedding video to people every year and people don t walk out That is truly an accolade. Digital Video Cameras Have Become Affordable And Reliable Than Ever, And With The Help Of Former Television Producer, Editor, And Cameraman Colin Barret, New Owners Of This Hot Technology Can Produce A Memorable Video Right At Home Barret Offers The Fruits Of His Expertise In A Thorough, Practical Introduction That Covers It All In Addition To Advice On Choosing A Camcorder And Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Its Features, Illustrated Tutorials Explain How To Shoot Creatively And Master Techniques Such As Point Of View, Close Ups, Cutaway Shots, And Effective Lighting Spice Up The Sound By Incorporating Audio Tracks, And Find Out How To Create Special Effects There S Even A Detailed Description Of How To Set Up A Fully Functional Home Editing Suite Can t rate this book highly enough If you have just bought your first camcorder and wonder why your eforts aren t like those on TV then this book will show you how you can shoot video that will be pleasing to watch over and over again.Unlike most other books it is written in clear simple language that everyone can understand and if technichal terms are used they are clearly explained I now know what white balance is all about.It starts with the real basics of how to handle a camera to avoid camera shake and goes on from there to explain how to acheive things like increased depth of field and pull focus shots.The book is broken down into nice small chapters with plenty of illustrations to guide you, so you can read a chapter, and then go and practice that bit.A really excellent book for those who want to improve their camera skills. This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to improve their home videos Anyone with a digital video camera, computer and software such as windows movie maker will find it easy to produce home movies on their computer or on dvd Ten quid spent on this book will transform your movies into another world It is full of great tips and techniques, laid out in a commonsense way with the novice in mind Even if you use only a fraction of the ideas included you will improve your movies no end A must have book. This book is for an out of date version of this camera. After an extensive research I tried my luck and bought this book as I could not preview the content , and I am really impressed with it This is the perfect book for someone who really wants to learn video photography, as opposed to just learning to buy the greatest gadget and press the right buttons, thereby capturing worthless video.I am an advanced amateur photographer for the last 15 years, and I know that taking good photo is 90% work of the mind finding out the perfect frame and the perfect moment to shoot a great photograph, and 10% work of the hand to use the camera Most of the other Digital Video books focus mostly on the later 10% aspect Not this book It teaches you extensively what to look for in a good video and how to get them.The book is divided into 5 sections What you need to know about your camcorder Step by step shooting techniques How to shoot great home movies Step by step digital video editing techniques Showing and sharing your moviesThe sections about shooting techniques and great home movies are the largest in this book, and that s what I liked The author is a professional in this field former television producer, editor and cameraman , unlike authors of other books who are either wannabe movie producers or small movie makers The other books instruct you to write down a storyboard on paper which is not feasible in a vacation movie or capturing unpredictable activities of your newborn Here you will learn how to think so that you can create a great story on the fly.This book is filled with lots of tips used by professionals, one good example is not to use the zoom during shooting Most professional productions do not contain zooming sequence They take a wide angle shot to show the background, then next shot they show a close up of the subject, the zooming being done off camera Lots of zooming sequence is the typical sign of a poor home video.On the whole, this is a perfect book to study before diving into the world of serious video photography. I liked the presentation, organization and the the printing of the book wich I consider is of the highest quality, It also has good color ilustrations and photos, I didn t find errors of any kind But even when I m a beginner videographer, I consider the information contained in the book is very general and the book is oriented to explain that there are easy ways of making things, that you can use several good applications available in the market for you But I would have liked the book explained ways of making and the steps for finishing your projects I mean the book lacks of How toor the step by step for beginners But in general is a good book Please be aware of thatSo you won t be disapointed. I was assigned this book as the text for an intro to digital video grad class The book was okay, but not especially impressive It was redundant in some places and some of the information seemed dated It s a very general book, so it s appropriate for a class where the instructor doesn t know what kinds of cameras or editing programs students will use.However, if you re looking for a book to help you with the program and camera you have, you can probably find something specific to your situation.The title is a bit of a misnomer as well There are no step by step guides or lessons in the book.It s not a bad book, but it s not great either. This book is a great investment for the beginning videographer It lays out some very good information that you don t find outside of a classroom. this meets my need in helping me to learn how to get the best out of camcorder I highly recommend this book.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Digital Video for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Great Home Movies (Lark Photography Book) book, this is one of the most wanted Colin Barrett author readers around the world.

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