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Chocolate Tree (On My Own Folklore) Ever wonder where chocolate came from We have the Mayan king Kukulk n to thank Kukulk n isthan a king he is also a god One day he brings his people an amazing gift a chocolate tree But there is just one problem Kukulk n s brother, Night Jaguar, doesn t want regular people to have chocolate He thinks only gods should eat the tempting treat Will Night Jaguar prevail Or will the Mayans get to keep their chocolate tree First the positive, it s great to have some Maya folklaw available here The illustrations are lovely and really capture the spirit of Maya art, the story is well told for the target age range and the language easily accessible with the added bonus of a glossary to explain the Mayan language, with correct pronounciation.All that said, readers are probably wondering why only two stars.There are some massive issues with this book, the first I would lay at the feet of the editor rather than the author The use of the word Maya and general missuse of Mayan Mayan only refers to the language, it is not a pluraization of the people So the sporadic use of Mayan through the text is not only incorrect, there is not a single instance where Mayan is used correctly, it is confusing to the target audience and highly disrespectful to the people who it is about.My second point is in regards to the fruits that the Gods have in their feast Bananas and mangoes really While these fruits now grow in the Yucatan Peninsula today they were introduced after contact during Spanish rule and originally from the Indian Subcontinent This was the ideal opportunity to introduce indigenous plants from the area such as Soursop or Mamey and if felt necessary explain them in the glossary There are plenty options that could have been taken and this definitely represents poor research and a missed opportunity.Lastly, although this may be due to funding or the location of the author, it seems strange that a post classic the latest period of ancient Maya culture site was chosen rather than a pre classic or even a classic site.So even though this book had some positives I cannot in anyway recommend it, particularly as it seems targeted in line with the increase emphasis on the Maya in the national curriculum It simply has too many mistakes and confusions that would have been easy fixes with an informed editor and some basic research. used this book to do a chocolate workshop with my daughter s class as part of there food and drink theme really lovely story and helped make linksm with hostory geography and allsorts loved making the hot chocolate with them going from a whole bean to a ground etc too. A simple version of the Mayan myth but entertaining for children Have used it in school with my year 4 class and have also used it previously with 3 year The basic language and sentence structure means that there is plenty for scope for work on improving it with descriptive language and the illustrations are also brilliant for inspiration for writing pieces.

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  • Chocolate Tree (On My Own Folklore)
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