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Studio How to Start and Operate a Digital Portrait Photography (Photot) Lou Jacobs Jr has been writing photography books for decades and wrote a great guide to my old Konica Autoreflex 35mm SLR manual camera back 3 decades ago This new book about starting your own studio offers a feel good fluffy guide that can motivate the beginner It offers very little hardcore technical advice that is really important when it comes to digital studio work For example, Jacobs glosses over the issue of storage by making statements such as just back up to CD DVD and you re all set, whereas he should be talking about backing up to multiple harddrives, RAID, etc Those issues aside, the studio photographs are outstanding and inspriring Lighting is used to great effect. Twenty Successful Studio Owners Offer Their Expertise To Aspiring Professional Photographers In This Guide To Operating A Digital Portrait Studio Every Element Of A Thriving Studio Is Covered, From Choosing A Location And Determining A Budget To Selecting Computer Equipment And Streamlining The Digital Work Flow Details On Selecting Backgrounds, Sets, And Props That Set A Studio Apart And Advice On Lighting Patterns, Posing, And Clothing Selection Help Photographers Ensure That They Produce Client Pleasing Images And Return Customers Customer Service Tips On Creating Comfortable Waiting And Viewing Areas Are Included To Help Photographers Set Up An Attractive Space To Better Profit From Their Artistic Skills A versatile book with many good ideas that are explained well Ideal for photographers looking to start a studio or for those looking to make the transition from film to digital based studio This book gives the breakdown on equipment such as cameras, computers and software, printers, lighting, backgrounds, and studio layout Everything that is essential for a studio to operate in harmony. This book has allot of great information, not only for the new digital studio but also for someone converting their studio over to digital. I M A NEW PHOTOGRAPHER AND THIS BOOK WAS VERY HELPFUL I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANY PHOTOGRAPHER.

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