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Propellerhead Reason 2.5 Power! Reason Power Is A Perfect Book For Any Home Recording Studio Readers Will Learn And Understand How To Use Reason With Other Software And Hardware Through In Depth Tutorials Reason Was Just Announced At The Musik Messe, So This Book Will Be The Most Current Publication Of Its Kind Readers Will Explore The History Of MIDI, How Reason Works With MIDI, And Learn Valuable Tricks Of The Trade That Will Make Their Songs Sound Professional Whether The Reader Is A Professional Musician Or A Hobbyist, Reason Power Coupled With This Dynamic Software Will Take The Creative Possibilities To A Whole New Level Propellerhead Software s virtual midi workstation Reason is truly a thing of beauty, as well as a daunting package at first this is especially true if, like me, your last experience of midi and music technology was about 12 years ago and you re trying to get caught up Thanks to Reason, the technology has changed for the better, because now all those devices can be contained in one s desktop monitor Still, when I first installed and opened up the program, I was overwhelmed with a sense of getting than I d bargained for.Fortunately, also such is the case with Michael Prager s comprehensive book that should have been in the box, Reason 2.5 Power I found it while browsing in a local bookstore, glanced over the section on quantizing, thumbed through a couple pages, and before I knew it the book was in the bag Prager s friendly title not only makes the reader see how simple the program is to use, but also gets one genuinely excited about learning it in depth His enthusiasm about creating music with these tools is very infectious.Reason is not so much a program as it is a suite of interchangeable, configurable components appropriately, Reason 2.5 Power is both a user manual and a collection of tutorials on how to make the most of each of these components, as well as use them together You can read the chapters in any order, depending on which device you want to learn, and easily find what you re trying to do with each of your virtual rack devices Example in the chapter on the sequencer, early on in the book, we are shown how to create rhythm patterns on one of the drum machines either on the machine s controller, or using a music keyboard to input my personal preference.Reason 2.5 is several functional modules in one droolingly productive package Reason 2.5 Power is several operation manuals and tutorials masquerading as chapters in one of the most useful complimentary computer books for a powerhouse program I ve seen Combine the above, mix well, and hear the sweet music. I ve used Reason 2.5 for only a few months and found it quite daunting using the dreaded pdf manual.Then this gem of a book came along,and i can t put it down.400 plus pages of easy to follow chapters detailing everything imagineable about the program and includes tutorials for every instrument.Dedicated chapters include plugins,using Reason within other programs like Sonar or Cubase SX.Wheather you are a beginner or an expert to Reason this book is very Highly Reccommended. After weeks of guesswork and tooling about, on Reason 2.5, I opted to buy this guide Boy am I glad I did Prager lays it all out, plain and simple Informative, but language, easy to use diagrams, little known tips, and a clearly marked chapter for each virtual instrument in the program make this book an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate Reason users. Finally somebody has written an easy to understand tutorial instructional book on one of the best music compositional programs ever created Mr Prager covers every part of Reason 2.5 in a very user friendly way I can honestly say that now I get it thanks to Reason 2.5 Power I m not extraordinarily gifted in regards to all things digital, so I tend to lose it if any tutorial gets too clinical.Michael Prager injects the perfect amount of humanity spelled humor and familiarity into the pages of this book.He is thorough enough for the gifted while encouraging to the rest of us.I don t usually write reviews, but I have another book from another author I think from the same publisher This one is head and shoulders above it This book is being discounted because of the introduction of Reason 3.0 In my opinion, unless Prager magically comes up with an update in no time, I would spend the few bucks this one costs and worry about the new stuff later.This book is just that good. I ve read the Visual Quickstart on CuBase SX this week as well.This book is also put together well, and is quite readable, though I found it s of a reference than a walk through.Its the only book on Reason 2.5 I own so far, and it fit it s purpose on my shelf as a resource. I ve been using Reason since version 1 and thought I had a pretty good handle on it I now realise I was only aware of about half of the abilities of this fantastic package A really well written book which goes into just about enough detail about musical theory without swamping you Now I know how to use Reason properly I have much time to think about the creative side of things.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Propellerhead Reason 2.5 Power! book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Prager author readers around the world.

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