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Deadwood: Stories of the Black Hills After just two seasons, Deadwoodhas become one of cable s highest rated series, a symbol of how great television can be when pushed to its limits From the masterful acting to the surprisingly credible re creation of a Western gold rush town to the grippingly profane dialogue, Deadwood is television made at the highest level of craft Deadwood is a vividly illustrated and comprehensive companion volume that brings fans behind the scenes to get the full story of HBO s award winning drama from Custer s opening of the Black Hills and defeat by the Sioux , to the compelling story of the frontier Chinese and how they braved racism and formed a shadowy society in the west With unprecedented access, the book gives readers in depth interviews with cast, crew, writers, designers, and historians Original, specially commissioned photography provides a fresh look at the people and places of Deadwood , with new portraits of the lead characters based on actual persons , detailed depictions of the set including the Gem Saloon and Jack Langrishe s theater , and images revealing how the show is made, from costuming and makeup to the mixing of Deadwoodmud A provocative, entertaining, and always evocative portrait of an era

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  1. paulbrad paulbrad says:

    I only discovered the TV series Deadwood a few weeks ago me and my wife then devoured the three series on Prime in less than a week The TV show is an uncompromising look at life in the real wild west It is violent and full of bad language but you soon see right past that it is poetic, Shakespearean even and you soon begin to care about all of the characters This companion book to the series is a great read and lets you delve in to the world created by the genius that is David Milch.

  2. P. White P. White says:

    This is a beautifully constructed and produced book that is part guide to the series and part standalone interpretation of what Deadwood actually represents The illustrations and images are high quality and the prose significant and interesting If you found Deadwood engaging then you will appreciate this book.

  3. DesperadoJoe DesperadoJoe says:

    On buying this I wasn t aware it covered the entire run of the Deadwood TV series, upon recieving it I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did.

  4. tudorlover tudorlover says:

    This is a super book for those who have seen the series

  5. J. Myers J. Myers says:

    Deadwood by David Milch is than a book about a TV series Very much in the vein of the show s writing, Milch s profane, matter of fact prose delivers up his thoughts on everything from incipient society to the futility of marriage He s even candid about his own drug taking For the would be author, it s also a writing master class Learn which events and characters have historical depth and which are Milch s glorious creation Incidentally, studded throughout the book there are also in depth character profiles from the main actors, in their own words, exploring their character s contradictions and motivations And around the characters there are also symbols Milch is big on symbols the most important being Gold its ability to orchestrate the camp of Deadwood from a puddle of mud into it s most monstrous abstraction made flesh George Hearst Revealed also the symbolism of Al Swearegen s peaches in their own way, just as important as oranges in The Godfather films And once that symbol has been established, the folly in its unsolicited modification.Finally, one cannot talk about Deadwood without mentioning its colorful language Milch s take on the profanity of the series is that it exists as a common method of disavowing the passivity of language that its absence questions the strengths of the characters Which, ironically, makes the reader wonder about Milch s own profanity in the context of the book If it s a veiled, macho posture what does it conceal We can but guess For those, like myself, who despair at the loss of the series in its third season and eagerly anticipate the concluding telefilms this book is a great way to keep the show alive, it even includes an episode guide I can t recommend it highly enough.

  6. Longshanks Longshanks says:

    If you are a fan of the TV series Deadwood then this fine book is an absolute must.There are brief synopsis of each episode from the three series,interviews,history and lots of photos.It s not just cast members that share their thoughts as people behind the scenes get a richly deserved look in as well.The book is presented in a very professional manner and there is hardly anything that I can think of that has been left out.A truly excellent tie in to an excellent series.Highly recommended.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    This book gives both an historical and contemporary look at the people and town of Deadwood, with some great writing from the creator of the show David Milch Highly recommended by me.

  8. C. J. Woodman C. J. Woodman says:

    Well what can you say This series is a master piece and the book is just great.In watching the whole series you take on board that David Milch was finding his own way through the series and sometimes left you a little dimayed at the progress and introduction of so many characters In watching, it was hard to put an American TV tag on it.The quality of the book is brilliant and the interviews help a lot with the characters and how Milch works.

  9. Marcos Lopez Chavarri Marcos Lopez Chavarri says:

    This is a book to read and review periodically It is very important to watch the tv serie to maximize and enjoy this book It is full of sentences of Al Swearengen and the rest of characters of this great show.

  10. Gary Barringer Gary Barringer says:

    Love this show, and the book goes through all the artwork , sets, actors of the show The thinking behind the scripting and some of the history for that period in Deadwood Would love for this series to come back on the air.

  11. Theresa Theresa says:

    Very Satisfied

  12. Rex Burgess Rex Burgess says:

    This very nice hardcover book is a photo filled with descriptive text look at the characters along with a dash of actual Deadwood history all presented in the Deadwood series look It s a 30.00 dollar book I got it for 25 It was well worth it This is a quality coffee table book you ll be proud to display or read while tossing back a bourbon

  13. annoyedmum annoyedmum says:

    Straight from the brilliant mind of David Milch, this book is a glorious companion piece to the series Stories from him and the actors provide insight into the characters, as well as Milch s style of writing Read it straight through I did, twice , or leave it on the coffee table for others to enjoy if you are a fan of the show, you won t regret this purchase.

  14. Les Down Under Les Down Under says:

    For some reason I thought this would be the historic story of Deadwood Instead I got an insiders view of the production of the series which I saw as an absolute bonus The book is a cross between a solid read and a coffee table dip into me but most enjoyable Unfortunately it does promise two TV movie length episodes that never came to fruition.

  15. Brian Brian says:

    David Milch has to be the best television writer of all time This book contains mostly insight from the creator himself but also the actors involved with what was television s finest hour Also a lot of photography from the episodes and even letters from the 1800s from those who were there This book also smells really good.

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