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Using Reason's Virtual Instruments: Skill Pack What Will Distinguish The Sounds You Make In Reason From The Rest Of The Crowd One Of The Keys To Mastering Reason Lies In Mastering Its Virtual Instruments The Numerous Customizable Synths And Sample Players That Come With The Program With These Tools, A Nearly Limitless Virtual Studio Is At Your Fingertips But How Do You Maximize These Instruments To Their Fullest Potential Using Reason S Virtual Instruments Skill Pack Provides You The Knowledge You Need To Freely Express Yourself With Reason, To Get You Out Of The Presets And Into Designing Your Own Sounds What May Now Appear To Be An Overwhelming Jumble Of Virtual Knobs, Sliders, And Buttons Will Soon Become A Finite And Comfortable Environment In Which You Can Let Your Creativity Soar By The End Of The Book, You Will Know Exactly What To Do With Every Square Inch Of The Reason Instruments You Will Know What This Or That Knob Does, And, When You Adjust It To Change Sounds, You Will Understand Why It Changed A Key Part Of Using Reason S Virtual Instruments Skill Pack Is The CD ROM Included With This Book It S Full Of Sample Content For Building Your Own NN XT, NN , And Redrum Patches It Also Contains Several Finished Patches For All The Reason Instruments, As Well As Examples Designed To Allow You To Check Yourself As You Progress Through The Various Exercises Unlike Other Books With Companion Discs, The Source Files On Every Skill Pack CD ROM Are An Essential Part Of The Book S Tutorials They Are Not There As Mere Examples, But Are The Building Blocks From Which You Ll Construct The Projects The Result Is A Fully Integrated Learning Experience I am a music hobbyist who has owned Reason for a couple of years but never understood how to create sounds on purpose rather than just twiddling knobs cluelessly This book immediately helped me begin to understand the inner workings of synthesis in Reason I recommend this book especially for novices, like me, but experienced may gain something from it as well Mr Piper s writing style is very clear and he makes sure you know what things are important to grasp before moving forward This is very helpful He also writes with just enough of a humor to keep things positive and enjoyable If your copy of Reason is collecting dust because you can t comprehend it, get this book. Matt Piper begins walking you through FM Synthesis while introducing you to the Subtractor Synth This is an excellent way begin and give you a much deeper understanding of the instrument you re using The knowledge you have from learning this synth applies to almost all of the other components of Reason.He proceeds in a similar way through the other components of Reason, again using plain and easy to understand English Examples on the CD are good.Hang in there and go through this manual slowly, and you ll learn a lot. I ve owned Propellerheads Reason for years but never understood how to use it properly I m a songwriter by trade, and not an engineer, so I found all the various knobs and devices in Reason a bit overwhelming The high cost of recording in the studio, however, convinced me I needed to learn how to produce my own tracks With that in mind I purchased several books and videos in order to try and learn Reason Of all the books and videos I ve purchased, this is my favorite book.Not only does the book explain many of the most important and confusing devices in Reason, but it also very clearly explains a number of audio engineering concepts If you ve ever been confused reading an article ore even a magazine review that waxes on about the virtues of Oscilators, LP, HP, and Notch filters, LFO s, etc, this book will explain those concepts very clearly An interesting result of that is not only am I confident using Reason, but I am confident about Audio engineering concepts in general Now when I hear songs on the radio I m able to identify the type of sound used in the song e.g hmmm, that killer riff in is probably an analog synth using sawtooth waveform pattern with a low pass filter on it , something I never imagined I d be able to do.The Subtractor and Malstrom synths are covered in detail, which is good because they set the foundation for the rest of the material in the book.The NN XT section demystified sampling for me Sampling is something I ve always found a bit confusing and quite honestly a bit scary With this book it was easy to upload samples, map them across my keys, and use velocity switches and other nifty tricks to get them to sound realistic.Surprisingly enough one of my favorite sections was the Redrum I never cared for this device much because all of my Redrum beats sounded like they were programmed by a robot In this book however I learned a number of tricks and techniques for livening up those robotic rhythms and bringing them to life.The combinator section was excellent as well, and reinforced a number of key concepts discussed throughout the book.If I had one criticism it would be that the three appendices of the book the NN 19 sampler, the Dr Rex Loop player, and the section on making your own refills, are not in the book, but are in the corresponding disc that accompanies the book You can read them on.pdf files on your computer, or you can print them out, which is what I did I didn t like this is because these Appendices are rich treasure troves of useful information, and they should have been included in the printed version of the book.All and al I thought this was an excellent book, and as a result of using this book and others in the Skill Pack series, I feel that I can approach Propellerhead Reason and my music project with confidence.Richard LadsonSinger Songwriter

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