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The Mastering Engineer's Handbook: The Audio Mastering Handbook This is a very good book for anyone who has never explored the mastering process Owsinski and those he talks to give you a very good perspective on just how important the mastering process is and the right way to prepare your tracks for the mastering engineer One aspect stressed by this text is that a mastering studio is very different from a mixing studio and because of the nature of the process, demands both an environment and equipment of a far higher quality and an ear for detail that many aren t going to easily achieve without a great deal of experience There is a greater focus on the mechanics of the process here so than the artistry, however In my view, this book should be used as a companion with Bob Katz s Mastering Audio with readers going through Owsinski s book first then to Katz s book The combination together is hard to beat. I am halfway reading this book, and I hope the second half get s better Up till now it annoys me most of the time, the technical info is very basic, outdated revised 2008 but he missed a lot , incomplete, and often partially wrong Too many examples to mention Title should have been mastering for dummies The so called tips in boxes are suggestions that anyone with a bit of common sense and some experience in audio can come up with This is nice for beginners or audio enthusiast who want to know a bit about mastering, but if you want to learn something then forget it I agree that you can not learn mastering from a book, it is not a matter of set your eq to this, and your comp to that but I was looking forward to read background information and do s and dont s about coding for internet, DVD, Surround, mastering visions, quality comparison of different codecs etc, but up till now it is one big disappointmentOk, I am reading the interviews now, and they are nice It is nice to read how mastering engineers approach their profession and how they look at the process Don t expect any golden tips, but it gives a nice insight.He could have published the book with just the interviews, and skip the countless technical overviews that do not go into enough detail to be of any use.Don t buy this book if you want to learn technical stuff, Bob Katz s book as an example is much much much better This book is very easy to follow and contains many interesting interviews with some of the very best mastering engineers However, for anyone looking for a guide to how to master their own material, there are other books available which offer a concise and in depth guide to the actual process of mastering However, I d still recommend this book to anyone interested in mastering as it does contain practical tips and will give the beginner or intermediate reader an insight into the actual process of mastering and what s involved For a technical and thorough insight though, look elsewhere. This is the companion volume to The Mixing Engineer s Handbook by the same author The format is the same, solid help for common problems and tasks, with interviews of many of mastering s top guns However, compared to the mixing book, the advice here is a little less specific, a little vague It s helpful, to be sure, but there s philosophy and less applied science.Also, I was disappointed that a significant amount of material in this book was literally cut and pasted from the mixing book I felt like I had bought only half a book, or that I had bought some of the same book twice, or something.Despite these minor flaws, this IS a good book, and I m not disappointed at all And the interviews are wonderful. There is one thing I must say here in defense of this book Most people who have not dedicated there mind to learning the real craft of mastering may find this book boring There are no shortcuts This book explains every single process involved in the so called black art of mastering, and in great detail with the masters What could you want The techniques are there and they are plainly obvious If you are not familiar with mastering terms and technical jargon then yes, it may be over your head If you don t understand fundamental pitches and harmonic frequencies, then you may not understand the section on EQ I could go on but the point is this Familiarize yourself with terms before you purchase this book or you will remain lost.It has helped me tremendouslyEarle Holder Mastering involves two elements, equipment and people This book deals with both to the extent that a book can describe a subjective audio experience It covers the makes and models of the type of equipment that are likely to be found in mastering studios, but doesn t delve into recommended setting for them And on the other side, the book has long interviews with many of the top mastering engineers of the past 40 years The interviews are contained in the second half of the book, but many of the useful sections are quoted in the first half They describe the pressures that the mastering engineer is under from the clients and a major theme of the book is the Level Wars and why engineers have to go along with over compressing material.The book makes it clear that there are no magic formulas Each track has to be approached anew and modified based on the engineer s experience However, some worked examples would be useful If you recieve as master tape like this, try doung this or this Also a CD in the back of the book with sample audio would be very useful.But after reading this book you should pick up enough of the vocabulary surrounding mastering be able to discuss it without sounding too dumb. Great Honestly, I didnt really gain anything tangible from the book compared to the whole load of info i got about mixing from mixing secrets for the small studio I feel like i just threw my cash away. This Completely Updated Edition Of The Bestselling Mastering Engineer S Handbook Provides A Thorough Exploration Of The Mastering Process For Virtually Any Kind Of Audio Program, Utilizing Insights From The World S Top Mastering Engineers The Book Is A Treasure Trove Of Knowledge, With An Overview Of The History, Tools, And Philosophy Behind Mastering As Well As Complete Reference Information For All Audio Delivery Formats In Use Today Peek Inside A Top Flight Mastering House And See How Their Methods Can Now Be Yours Explore The Secrets Of Making Hot Masters, The Rules Of Compression And Frequency Balancing, And How To Mix With Mastering In Mind Investigate How Optical Discs, Such As CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray, HD DVD, And Beyond, Work And How They Re Made Discover The Trick To Making Great Sounding MPs And Streaming Audio Examine Multichannel Surround Mastering For Film And Television You Ll Even Relive Mastering History With A Separate Chapter About Mastering For Vinyl And How Records Are Pressed Throughout The Book, Legendary Mastering Engineers Share Experiences, Tips, And Tricks With You Through Every Step Of The Process The Final Section Of The Book Features Interviews With Mastering Giants Such As Bernie Grundman, Bob Ludwig, Glenn Meadows, Doug Sax, And

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