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Reason 4 Ignite! Reason Ignite Helps You Get Up To Speed In Reason By Dropping You Right Into The Action This Book Is Not Hard Work You Will Not Find Long Lists Of Features And Difficult Theoretical Explanations To Wrap Your Head Around Instead, In Each Chapter You Will Immediately Be Led Through Relatively Short Groups Of Simple, Foolproof Steps At The End Of Each Short Exercise, Youll Hear The Results Of Your Workinstant Gratification You Will Experience In Real Time What It Feels Like To Make Reason Work For You, And Your Understanding Will Grow Youll Learn To Take Control Of The Synths, Such As Thor, Malstr M, And Subtractor The NN And NN XT Samplers And All The Effects And Other Devices That Make Up This Incredible Music Making Program Screenshots And Step By Step Instructions Guide You Through The Various New Features Of Reason With This Book S Guidance, You Ll Get Into The Reason Groove Before You Know It

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    fairly helpfull

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    I m a lapsed musician I played piano and played in the band in school, but I haven t had much time with work and kids to really play musically Well, I recently got a decent midi keyboard and

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    This book has been a huge help for mewell written and easy to follow I had been using Reason 4 for about 2 years, before that I had no previous experience making music A lot of what I knew about Reaso

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    If you are starting or even you are an expert with synths, this is a very nice an helpful book to be always with you.Very comprehensive guide, will introduce you in the art of making music using Reason 4.The au

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    Ive read two books on reason and this is the better one It has picture guides and exersizes for every skill The step by step method was very good for learning, the only down side is it didn t explain combinators very wel

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    New to this type of music making and Ignite walks you through step by step Well written, easy to understand and well illustrated Highly recommend for new users

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    This book really is great for those that appreciate a step by step approach to learning a new platform The Ignite series, in general, is very well laid out and the author here makes it really fun and easy to dive right in and make it happe

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    This is an excellent addition to the writers original text The step by step chapters gives hands on discriptions of the path to follow A must have for understanding this technical information.

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    This is visual book that teaches basic fundamentals through showings pics and exercises The pictures are very helpful especially if you never used Reason before.

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