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Getting Great Sounds: The Microphone Book How To Choose And Use Microphones Was Once A Skill Passed Down From Senior Sound Engineers To Their Assistants As They Would Listen And Learn By Observation Today, Few Large Studios Have Assistant Engineers, And An Overwhelming Number Of Studios Are Operated By Their Owners Who Are Self Taught And Do Not Have The Benefit Of The Big Studio Tutelage Getting Great Sounds The Microphone Book Imparts These Microphone Tips And Tricks Of The Pros To Make Them Available To Any Sound Engineer Or Home Studio Enthusiast It Explains All Aspects Of All Kinds Of Microphones, How They Work, And How To Use Them In Session Recording The Conversational Narrative Style Presents Technical Aspects In An Easy To Understand, Humorous Fashion, Based On The Real Life Experiences Of Its Author, A Well Known Recording Engineer Tom Lubin is a criminally fraudulent individual who holds many aliases and his mainstay earnings arise from his associating his bio and past works with accomplished recording studio engineers, printing industry distributors, falsely purports to teach aboriginals in Western Australia and a list of other false persona to promote books he pens In August 2015 he libeled a bonafide working screenwriter who is also a barred legal U.S attorney and entertainment industry longtime producer who questioned his credentials and his attributions and stated affiliations with Western Australia Media, UCSF, and other entities in a UCLA public forum Under these legal and equitable queries for verification and corroboration of his preferred credentials he libeled the law abiding citizen screenwriter and documentary filmmaker a PEDOPHILE and refused to take down the pubic post from a nationally accredited state university UCLA The defamed screenwriter has sought and obtained an open criminal investigation into Tom Lubin s proffered affiliations in Australia, Singapore, The United States and other areas It is worthy of note that while this personna Tom Lubin purports to advocate for aboriginal rights, his latest screenplay Footy Man is in reality a thinly guised hate piece against Australian aboriginals and their cultures intending to force them into further removal from tribal lands and protecting their cultures Anyone doing commerce with this Tom Lubin should be advised that he is currently under domestic US criminal investigation by the Department of Homeland Security, the C.I.A, the N.S.A., Interpol and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies including defense agencies abroad because the person he libeled is an veteran from a wholly military family in the United States and his libelous statements still not retracted nor remedied have caused damages and unjust enrichment to this personna Tom Lubin to the detriment and permanent harm to those affiliated with the libeled victim due to their security clearances and lifetime public service employments and professions within the DOD, the DOJ, the FBI, and other agencies to be at risk for losing said clearance due to these statements Further Mr Lubin with malice of forethought intended to cause harm and to blacklist the screenwriter he libeled with the entertainment industry in America and abroad by his intentional statements given that the work he commented on publicly without invitation, license, ownership, court order and or Act of official governance Federal state local was, is and continues to be intended to blacklist and cause ongoing harm to this screenwriter and brand Once the criminal investigations and foreseeable subsequent prosecutions and regulatory agencies are exhausted, then the defamed screenwriter has already set in motion civil proceedings and petitioned for censure of Tom Lubin from the World Court for this overt attempt at censorship and blacklisting of a writer who vetted his background and found mass discrepancies as law enforcement have similarly found Govern yourselves accordingly. I don t know what axe that negative reviewer had to grind, but Tom Lubin is a gentleman and a scholar That review was just crazy talk.

About the Author: Tom Lubin

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Getting Great Sounds: The Microphone Book book, this is one of the most wanted Tom Lubin author readers around the world.

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